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  • Well look who it is! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Glad ya came back and how's the last month been treatin' ya?
    hi! ohmygosh I havent been on in sooo long! XD if you still have those eevee's though I'd still be willing to trade sometime! :)
    Well hello, you haven't been on for a while :P I've been good... Got 2 days to get 5 workshops and an 1800 word essay done and then one extra day to get a 1500 word essay done... But I've been spending my time on My little pony instead xP How have you been whilst not on Pokecommunity? :D
    hi how are you :) Yoou've been gone for a while hope you haven't forgoten all your friends here
    Pretty good, today's going really well and it's my birthday this Friday. I really only have one thing to complain about but even that's petty (Stupid rules on an essay xP... We have to hand in our references before our essay and have the class grade them and then we can't change them when we write our essay...) so wew. About to watch 2 movies for English so I at least seem prepared for my class and I plan on eating Malteasers while I watch said movies. So it's been a good day and should be a decent night :D
    How's things with you? :P
    I always procrastinate! I tend to get sooo much done when I have homework to put off. So much other stuff that is.
    You normally do not have time for this forum anymore huh?
    You should give me your cell and we can text each other. I don't want to lose you as a friend T-T
    Ahh, nice! :D It looks awesome.
    I haven't been doing much. Just procrastinating homework and uhh, screwing around... The usual xD
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