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  • Hello! I'm really glad you're getting something out of it!!

    As for the Natures, I used the Bulbapedia page. It has the indices for all the Natures there.

    There is also another way you can get the Nature you want which doesn't involve needing to know what the names are and what stats they go with.

    0x0 = Attack
    0x1 = Defence
    0x2 = Speed
    0x3 = Sp. Attack
    0x4 = Sp. Defence

    Multiply the stat you want to raise by five. Add that to the stat you want to lower. (Remember this is all in hexadecimal).

    For example, if I want to raise Defence and lower Sp. Attack, I would get: 0x1*0x5 + 0x3 = 0x8 = Impish (I checked Bulbapedia and I was right). This is how I did it when I created my Nature changing script (I allowed the user to pick which stats to raise/lower rather than the Nature's name).
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