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  • Oooh~ Hey sorry I just logged in again here. I've been online here since Christmas but pokecommunity won't let me log in for the life of it. -w-

    Well, here's a little update. I'm currently hacking the status screen (making it more modern-ish) and I'm thinking of how the intro should be. -w-
    Well, I have just finished downloading and playing through Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution which gave me a lot of ideas for items, jutsus, bonuses, features, etc. and most of all, I completed the character lineup!
    On graphics, I finished spriting tiles, battle sprites for the Akatsuki, and the title screen.
    On music, still, nothing but the soundtracks of Storm 3.
    And the most important is... I developed an original storyline for the game! ^U^
    Oh yeah, I saw that too. Unfortunately, the progress he has made so far was extending the character limit for items. :(
    Yeah, that's fine! Cheers! ^_^ These past few days, we've been studying Java in college and I've also been studying online on how to port Java to Android and I've been thinking if I should make Pocket Ninja on Android (more work, more freedom) or both. Hahaha. Probably both. xDD
    Yep, hope you had a happy thanks giving too! ^^

    Alright, I'll use the English. But some of the attack names will be cut off, is that alright? (To fit the 12 character limit, like "ExplsveClone")
    Hmm... I think so too. BTW, which do you think are better for jutsu names, Japanese or English? If it's Japanese, let's use "kagebunshin no jutsu," it will appear in game as "kagebunshin". On the other hand, if it's English, again let's use "Shadow Clone Jutsu," it will appear in game as "ShdwClneJtsu" or Shadow Clone" or whatever. I think you get the point. I'm having a disaster naming jutsus because of the 12 character limit for attack names. T.T
    Yep, I plan on adding every main character who battles. But I'm still thinking if I should add Hanzo, Kimimaro, and some minor characters because I'm not really fond of them (I became a Naruto fan during the Shippuden Era. :().
    That sound like a good idea. Well, the problem is if I set the max level to 25, no one can be more than level 25. :(
    Well... I'm currently finishing every single sprite for the game and I'm still stuck thinking about whether I should make the max level a ninja can reach to Lvl 25 or just as is 100. :/
    Ok 7d on length and overwrite the bytes with this 6A 47 0E 80 01 00 21 0D 80 01 00 06 04 1C 00 80 08 0F 00 39 00 80 08 09 03 6C 02 FF 0F 00 54 00 80 08 09 05 68 21 0D 80 01 00 06 01 32 00 80 08 02 FF 23 69 FB 1B 08 02 FF CC D9 E4 D9 E0 B4 E7 00 D9 DA DA D9 D7 E8 00 EB E3 E6 D9 00 E3 DA DA AD FF 00 FF CC D9 E4 D9 E0 B4 E7 00 D9 DA DA D9 D7 E8 00 EB E3 E6 D9 00 E3 DA DA AD AD AD FE CF E7 D9 00 D5 E2 E3 E8 DC D9 E6 AC FF 00
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