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  • Ah me too! I dislike Big, though. And Chris from Sonic X bc he is annoying af.
    Also thank you, Harmony is a cute lil positive bab
    i love your theme you got going here! i also like pokemon and sonic :3 my favorite sonic character is a tie between Shadow, Cream and Tails. What about you?
    Hey! Have you tried clearing your browser cookies and then changing your theme? =)
    Just wanted to ask when the trade will commence cause I have exams starting soon and I need to know. Thank you for your time
    Sure tell me a time. Are u willing to give 2 fo each or just the 1 btw ?
    Message me I'll try to reply as fast as i can srry for the late reply school had me busy. Also when will yveltal be coming, so i know when the trade will be.
    Uhm the request i made you i would like to edit it to 1 my mate apparently found a way to get one srry for taking up your time
    Uhm, excuse me miss itcheeee ? I'm looking for 2 shiny xerneas' and yveltals i live in europe so no dice for me trying to get it as a mystery gift, the reason i nee 2 is because of a good friend of mine, i know you said you'd take anything but it wouldn't feel right so I'll give u a legendary or mythical pokemon, im sorry to ask you this dince we don't even know each other but if you could i would greatly appreciate it
    Hi Itcheeee! I saw you were willing to exchange your shiny Xerneas / Yveltal. Are you still open? I'm Europe and we're not getting them... thanks!
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