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  • Yay! How did you get yourself back into Pokemon?

    I was a super bum all summer... all year... all life... D: I go back to college on the 20th. ;-; I haven't shiny hunted since, well, BW release. :P

    I am super secretive? What would you like to know about me? I sit and play video games! :P
    Sorry to say that I'm still using a fake birthday. My real birthday is in April... This message will self destruct in 128 years. :P
    Because I made it so people discuss emulator shinies and he refused to come back even when they were against the rule afterwards.

    Then after he left, I had a club wide vote and the majority of the people said yes.
    Bascially you go here: http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/ and then register that DNS, go to the GTS and upload your pokémon. However, the GTS will give you a error message. Now it's uploaded, and you can check your pokémon on the website. More about it is there, there is a whole instruction, and it's really handy.
    Hey Fufu, thanks for mentioning that ShinyHunters Forum place in your sig! I had no idea it existed, and I'm glad to see another forum about shiny hunting! It also gives me a reason to practice my French, "lol."
    Well, other than no 3rd Gen MM, there is also the Broken RNG which as a former SPC owner you most likely know about (if not I can explain the technological details)
    I didn't take into account the possibilities of double hunting because not everyone can. I based it off of what everyone can do, assuming they can play the game.

    There are too many variables to accurately calculate the true rates. So, I did what is logically the norm. Someone playing only one DS because they can't buy (or don't want to buy) another DS.

    Also, I am assuming you're ShinyFufu on SPPF? If you have any advice for the shiny club I will gladly listen to what you have to say. :)
    Haha, thanks. I was having some lulz imagining the win/fail that could come out of those silhouettes... I wonder if they'll look anything alike? Possibly, except for the bottom one (work of pure randomness).
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