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  • Pokemon that belong to the same Pokedex the game uses are pretty much the main factor. Preferably one that evolves and is level 5 (I assume we're talking about the hacking in because no Pokemon of a type is in the game til later)
    It absolutely will be, I can't wait to find out Eren's secrets and what happens with Annie. It's gonna be a lot of fun haha.
    Yeah that's pretty annoying, hopefully we get it sometime late this year, but based on that information, it'll more likely be next year. :(
    Nope, I just watched the anime, I'm not really a big manga guy (or anime guy for that matter, but this one really intrigued me). Hopefully they bring us a second season soon!
    Will u start mapping or the checkpoint two? Once I return from my trip I will help u with mapping. And its okay. No need to reply.
    Just one or two for each will do - to confirm that you've tried it (and it's your own work) :).
    Copy and paste please! :D Make it easier for me to suggest changes/corrections.

    If you're worried about it being too long you could always spoiler it :).
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