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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    People, please stop bombarding me with random friends requests. I don't accept them from people I don't know.

    Also, in case you somehow missed it, I have quit hacking and have started working on a homebrew engine instead.
    I'm pretty sure you could get by in the Four Swords games with only two players. The problem with the GBA game was having someone else in your area also own a GBA and a copy of the game, as well as a link cable. Really limited how many could actually play it. It still isn't exactly easy to get it set up in an emulator, either.

    192 is the standard? Huh, that may explain why I had trouble with getting the timing right for the drum tracks in the song I tried to port.

    Seems like an awfully short-sighted design for the engine, particularly since even the Game Boy's typical playback trumped it in terms of ticks per measure and its related functions.
    Never tried the Four Swords portion out. I assume the sound is a bit more crisp there?

    Anything particularly notable about the M4AA engine?
    Eh. If I get motivated enough, I might try to figure out more about that engine. Yeah...kinda sounds like a pipe dream for me! {XD} Who knows, though? I might step up in hacking skill someday.

    And I definitely wouldn't say the samples are low quality. Those are pulled straight from the original game! They sound clear as crystal when played back in Sappy. To be honest, I think it's just the standard sound quality disparity between the GBA (when playing a decently-demanding game) and other systems that sample sounds. I wouldn't say I'm an audiophile, but things like this are just really jarring to me.

    The only SNES -> GBA game conversion I can think of that used the same, unaltered music from the original is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I noticed that the sound in that game had a noticeable clarity drop, too (at least when played in VBA-M), so it's probably just to be expected.
    The suspense must have gotten to you after several weeks, no?

    I actually started to set off on altering the classic track music in Mario Kart: Super Circuit to its original SNES form. I had gotten Mario Circuit in an acceptable state when I tested it out. In the process, I discovered two things:

    1) The playback quality of the instruments in-game is terrible, and
    2) I can't get more than 4 DirectSound instruments to play at once.

    I recall a post you made in a thread about getting the GBA Pokémon games to use more than the default amount of DS instruments. I was able to find a similar area in the ROM for Super Circuit, but changing the indicated value did nothing to change the amount of instruments I could use. Unless there's a different trick with this game, I'm guessing that's nothing that can be changed without a complete rewrite of the music code then, is it?
    I agree, that trainer is the big one.

    Yeah, BSP is tough. You need a good blend of attacks and scripting to sum it up.
    For BSP, I was thinking a scroll with lightning coming off of it. Then the trainer editor, probably just a cropped gen iii trainer.
    What'd I say? Can you refresh my memory? I'm quite busy at school so I don't remember things really that good. Oh and I'm sorry on whatever I said. Please accept my greatest apology.
    Hey. Why'd you delete me from your friend list? Haha.

    Oh just a question, is the mega-evolution thingy on the new Pokemon X and Y doable in GBA? Just a question, not a request. ^_^
    Kind of hard to tell if it sounds different from mine due to the lower playback rate. The first 16 notes in the two square waves still sound a tiny bit more muxed together and fade a tiny bit earlier than they do in the original game. Then again, that describes exactly how mine works. I'd need to see the.s file to be sure.

    As for the other, it sounds about the same as mine, if not more authentic due to that lower rate!


    By the way, I was wondering if you could check out something else I just did a little work on. It's still GBA music related, but not Pokémon related.
    Cool. When we rewrite the form change code, I'll just leave a blank check for Kyurem, with a blank pointer. We'll revisit when everything else works.:)
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