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  • Welcome back Janp! Your name appearing in bold blue again is a sight that makes me smile.

    Hello, Janp, I am writing to inquire about the "Hall of Fame" bronze badge. I have completed four monotype challenges, and I will be completing the fifth one sometime (most likely) before the end of the year. However, the Flying-, Psychic-, and Ice- monotype challenges were part of the "Game Mastery Challenge" whereby I beat the monotype challenge with all 17 types in Ruby & Sapphire (not counting Fairy-type retroactively since it didn't exist before X/Y). The first one was a Ground-type challenge for Ruby/Sapphire.before I declared I would be doing the Game Mastery Challenge for Ruby/Sapphire. (The current one is for FRLG, so it isn't part of the ongoing "Game Mastery" Challenge.) In total, I did a Ground monotype, Flying monotype, Psychic monotype, and Ice monotype for Sapphire (in that order), and I am currently completing a water monotype challenge for Leaf Green. So does the Game Mastery Monotype Challenge count as 4 challenges towards the "Hall of Fame" badge, or just one? ... or is it two? If you need to think it over with the other mod, that's fine, but do VM me when you get it figured out.
    Yes, that's a much better idea. I've been drafting a post for the thread you linked to. Thank you for going the extra mile.
    Hello. I am contacting you because I was thinking about doing one of those "Scramble" challenges where I let strangers pick my team. Which forum board should I put it in? I will probably also set some ground rules like "No post-game Pokémon/trading (eg, Kingdra)" and "No unevolved Pokémon (unless the FRLG prevents it like with Crobat and Umbreon)."
    Thank you for the like on my lore thread, didn't think anyone would actually take a look at it, tbh.
    Going to be doing a Nuzlocke Challenge for a fangame called Pokemon Infinite Fusions.

    The biggest difference is the fact that due to fusions, I'm potentially losing 2 Pokemon every time one faints.

    So instead I plan on unfusing them and rolling a 2 sided dice on which of the two dies. With the other half needing to be fused into something else if it still wants to be used.

    That said, I was wondering if you think I should still post in the Nuzlocke thread or if I should make my own? Especially since the last post was in August, more than 4 months ago.
    I guess Gywn really is easier than I remembered. Just beat Dark Souls 1 again for the first time in years today, he died in like 1min15secs and it probably would've been more like 1 minute if I didn't do something dumb at one point and eat a hit. Still not as fast as your time, but still pretty short.
    Saw your post on this. Love seeing someone other than myself play it! I agree that some of the mechanics did not age well, and the Destroyed Subway level was hard to navigate at first (I literally struggled on the C4 part, had to look up walkthrough back then to see what to do), and some of the stealth missions were haaaaard. I couldn't even finish it in Hard Mode, kept getting slaughtered in the Catacombs level.

    Not saying GO PLAY THIS, but if you want, try out Syphon Filter 2. The mechanics there are so much better and the objectives are easier to navigate, plus the story is captivating and best out of all the series.
    Hey there Janp!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday friend! Are you still having fun testing those robotic toys and organizing events? It sounds like you have had an exciting 2020. I hope you have an amazing new year!
    I hope you're doing alright after everything in the hospital and hope you make a speedy recovery. :D
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