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  • Hello ! :)
    I am very sorry for taking so long to have your request done (we had some issues over here), and 8pm your time should be fine. But that giveaway pinsir you asked for I may only be able to trade tomorrow as Cakesu hasn't passed him to me yet. Hope that's ok with you.

    Have a nice day!
    I think we should wait till your Totodile is ready so you can get everything in one go, though you'll have to trade with Phanton then. :)
    Awesome! I can host it on the Europe server right now, and when I do, the password should be PC

    Good luck!
    Janp, can i please get a different pokemon for my challenge? For the get together challenge, i need your favorite Unova pokemon that is not a starter or a legendary and that doesn't evolve via trade. Thank you
    Hey, I'm going around and letting everyone know that Dementia Is restarting Johto Mysteries within the next week. Have a nice day ^-^
    Oh man, I'm so happy someone made that Plushie Challenge finally!! I will definitely do it some time since I wanted to make it and never got around to it haha. You have the rules all perfect and wonderful and omg good luck with your challenge and running the thread! (:
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