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  • yeah they kinda released x and y and did nothing else with it. it doesnt surprise me with this new game.

    im excited for the games. im just happy with my bravely default game!
    i'm currently playing disney magical world :3
    you excited for the new games?
    they're making pokemon events for pokemon x and y? isnt it a little late for that?
    i have not heard about it. i'll have to look that up.

    yeah i'm pretty busy too!
    Haha, all the Dutch people I have met have all been really nice people. :P Hah I dunno, I like any level of intelligence unless it's too high for me to keep up with or too low. :P

    Hehe yeah, Australia is a big place! :P You'll find plenty Aussies here on PC. :p Yeah, it's a lot of notifications. xD Mostly from my bf. :P He actually managed 31 once haha.

    I finished X a while ago actually. :P Bit of a shame there's not much to do after the League, but I'll try breeding and catching all of the Pokemon from Kalos. :P

    Well if you enjoyed your time then that's what matters :D I'm glad you had a great new year. ^^ Aww, it's too bad I can't get my Protean Froakie then. :o But even if I can't get Wifi, there's a battle server that allows you to create a team and battle others. :3

    I haven't actually seen Stepbrothers yet, but I'll have to look into it if it's got Will Ferrel. :D Yeah Anchorman isn't a favourite of mine either, but I enjoy it all the same. :P Has other good actors aside from Will too. ^^

    Ah Golden Sun... Well I hate to say it, but yeah I'm still in the same place. xD Pokemon X has just been so addicting, I forgot all about my other DS and GBA games haha.

    Nono, he definitely loves me for more reasons than that. xD He PM's me every month saying how much he loves me. x3 Haha, I guess it is. At least I won't be the kind of girlfriend who gets really mad at him playing games all the time, since I will be too. :D

    Hehe, if you say so. :P It's not that I don't want to, it's just that we don't have any concerts close to where we live, except one. It's very expensive to go and only opens once a year though. :P

    I hope I can look cute on the dance floor instead of making a fool of myself by stepping on their toes and nearly falling over. xD Hahaha, oh now I feel much better about dancing. xD

    I'm silent and shy as a mouse in real life haha, and well my mom always said that men like quiet girls, but even though I don't talk much my mind is going 100 miles a minute, hence all these long VM's. :P So I'll just mutter something every now and then. xD
    I don't think they look at me that way haha, it's not like they grimace every time, they just stare until I notice them then they shy away. xD Just yesterday there was a handsome European waiter who my mom said has his eye on me, though he was in his 20's haha. xP

    Oh, I never knew that! :P I'll definitely try it now that I defeated the Pokemon league. ^^ So you could have 5 eggs in your party and hatch them all super quick? :D Awesome!

    Oh thanks, I didn't know that either haha. Time to go get a Sylveon. :P :D

    My blue Florges is such a treasure! They are perfect for wiping out those Dragon types in one hit, I find. :D At least if you have the right nature. :P

    Yes, Flygon is one of my favourite Pokemon ever, so I just had to have one in my team! I love his Levitate ability + being Dragon- and Ground-type. :D He's always at the front of my party since he can just sweep anything really quick. ^^ And that's great haha, what's your team? :3

    Yup that's kinda the issue with my bf visiting. My mom would NOT be happy if a guy nearly 4 years older than me knocked on the door with his luggage and asked if he could stay for a few months. xD

    Wait we only have 6 pages of VM's, and that's 53 visitor messages! Imagine how much we'd have if our VM's were broken down! :o :p

    Hehe yeah, and it's pretty much the only online game my 'net can handle that we both enjoy. :P And you never heard of it? It's like, one of the best RTS games ever! xD

    Haha, tell me about it! I gained around that much in the past 2 days by going to cafes and eating cheesecake. xD Luckily for me I can eat quite a bit before it starts to show, then some light exercise can fix it right up. :D Nonono, it's not like that. xD I'm a bit young for that kind of business haha, and when I said outfit I only meant for going out in. :P

    Yeah sorry, lol! This time it's taken me about a month... oops. xD Lazy me. :P

    I always have to copy/paste my VM into Notepad in case it automatically logs me out. :P That happened once and it was a real pain having to write it all up again haha.
    Oh sorry, I just haven't had much time for PC nowadays tbh, but I'll always reply eventually y'know. ^^ Just give me a nudge when I take a few weeks, hehe. :P

    I can't reply fully to you VM right now, but I'll definitely get to it ASAP. :P
    Hopefully not anytime soon because that's too quick! Still wanting that Hoenn remake ;3;
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