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Well long story short ( I will try xD), I am Janske, love games and anime. I also love to travel, trying to visit at least 1 country per year so that if I am like 50 I have seen like 30-35 different places haha.

I am a Dutch guy (but not from the Netherlands). Speak 3 languages in case your English isn't that good (other 2 are French and of course Dutch lol).

Well I dunno what more I can say asides that I talk way too much and that I am a very happy person in overall, I don't tend to get mad quickly. I am a complete nerd (since I don't smoke nor do drugs and rarely drink lol), but fortunately I don't look like one haha.

Oh and my music style is very apart lol. But I like (hard) rock, metal to some extend, trance, a little bit techno, 90s and even some 80s xD. Yep that's right no Rihanna, Beyonce, Gaga, Bieber, One Direction or all that other junk haha (but no offense to people that do like to listen to such music). Would be awful if we all listened to the same music anyway :D.

Well I guess that is me in a nutshell, if you managed to get this far hey, congratulations xD!

Anime, drawing, games (rpg, MMO mostly) such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Yugioh, Golden Sun,...
In an apartment xD
Male ♂
Also Known As
Favorite Pokémon
Luxray, Infernape, Charizard,
Volcorona, Dragonite, Celebi,
Absol, Milotic, Salamence,
Altaria, Flygon, Jolteon,
Tyranitar, Lilligant, Kingdra



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