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  • I am good! I'm in NYC for a few more days and I've been having a lot of fun touring here. More importantly, how are you? We all missed you!
    dude sorry in advance it took me A WHOLE MONTH just to reply back to your message!! To be fair we chat on Discord & I'm busy nowadays but still doesn't make up the fact that I didn't reply sooner :( here's a picture of the area of the sea lions in my nearby beach that I'd promised to show you a long time ago, hopefully this kinda makes it up :) (I didn't take it but if I had taken a picture, it wouldn't show as much seals)

    BUT ANYWAYS!!! How was your camping experience? Had fun? :) I'm currently stressing over school still, my summer is long gone & official classes are starting up soon ;-;

    Yikes! doesn't sound like a test I would like to take :(

    haha yupp its great stuff
    (yikes, hopefully there isn't a quiz for maniacs like me.. wait what? I didn't say anything)

    That's nice ^^! It's good to support those small businesses, they're all really neat. For example, there's this really good little coffee shop in my area, it's so homey and everyone loves it :)

    that's cool! I think psychology or genetics I would delve into, or into communications (or political science), I'm practically fine with anything tbh. Except for accounting (no offense lol) or engineering/software developing.

    aweeeee, but then again you would think a dog would be the happiest animal in the world, they're just so joyful when you give them love :) they seem like happy animals! I would be happy too if I didn't have to worry about politics or predators xD

    Europe is a very peaceful country compared to the North America's very own USA lol, btw I hope you're all safe after all the attacks going on in Europe <3 The animal is called aaaaaaaa Tarsier! It's a monkey local in the Phillipines, clings onto trees a lot & are about the size of your hand! Once you get past their soul-sucking eyes, they're actually pretty cute if you meet them up irl. Never held one personally, but I have seen some when I was young when traveling in the Phillipines.

    The Grasshopper was delicious (even though I'd ate it a month ago lol)! If I didn't tell you already (or if you don't know already, the famous grasshopper pie isn't made out of grasshoppers (thankfully!) Its mint with oreos, I'll include an example picture of the pie, don't get too jealous ;)

    anyways that's it for my long-to-be-awaited message! hopefully we can chat soon & reconnect our fluffiness! STAY FLUFFY-TASTIC! ^^
    Well it's very possible if you haven't yet X3

    And yeah, I needed a bit of help but I pretty much did my profile here by myself. And what do you mean, here as well? I don't think there are even profiles on Discord, so I don't get it.

    My day has been pretty busy, I was basically doing videos the whole time and not much else. How about you?
    I know you are but what am I????
    Thank you! I'm happy I was invited to Discord (never heard of it before yesterday), but stalking conversations on there seems to be a great way to pass time xD Lol
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