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  • Heya! I'm interested in joining the RP! Hopefully it isn't too late seeing as how it's been a hot minute since it begaan... aaand happy early holidays!
    I totally did not mention voice acting PMD and making it a radio play to Nagi... would be cool tho.
    Churra wants Jay x Shak photos. You wouldnt want to let her down now would you? ;)
    Well since it's like... more worldbuilding within threads, and not everyone building together the way WoPC was, maybe it'll go better. I mean crossovers are a huge possibility of course. And it's worldbuilding not just for Pokémon... I think being less mod-influenced and forced collaborative would help a lot haha. People seem to be on board so far!
    yo theres a suggestion for forum frontier that's... a worldbuilding forum oh my gosh JAY we could bring back stuff from WoPC! Dúlra was SO GOOD
    Er...Sorry....I don't know why I did this. It's probably because I was thinking people wouldn't check the post, not even realizing it might be important. I can easily get paranoid about these things.
    Hey! I'm just here to remind you that if you don't make a IC post on a certain RP within the next two days, you'll be given the boot. This is just a friendly reminder!
    I love the dragons reason too, all too apparent with Xurik. Strong but scarred.
    I figured. tryin to piece together the chain of memory without all the links is dangerous after all.
    Dang double post rules...
    If Alrya needs to understand memories big sister Hahdrim would talk, pm me
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