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  • Tomorrow should be the day. Tell everyone so I can harness their hopes dreams and DETERMINATION!
    The Deacons are a pretty chill fight since it's pretty clear who you're supposed to be attacking at any given time.

    DS2 was the one I probably spent the least amount of time on. Have you played Bloodborne? I missed that when it came out and I've been thinking about getting it.
    I never played the DLC so I'll have to take your word for it haha.
    How did you enjoy the Abyss Watchers then? The one boss fight I actually liked a lot in DS3 was the Deacons of the Deep.
    Haha yea lol. I love helping people kill some of the bosses. It goes from being a nightmare to a joyride
    Yo I just wanted to say thanks for what you said in the interest check thread. What that guy said didn't really bother me but I always appreciate someone going out of their way for me
    You know I would totally still RP in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon if you were to revive post in it. :)
    Hey Jay, since neither you or nags really going on Skype I just wanted to ask you how long you'll think your absence will be, and to what extent can I bunny STLL in their first meeting with JSMN xD
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