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  • Leaving Easter Egg for you, I hope you have a wonderful day today friend!

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    Thank you so much little Feebas! I hope you had a great day and you'll grow into a wonderful Milotic!
    Awww, thank you for your encouragement. Your thoughtful words raised my condition, it's like a rainow pokeblock being shared with me.

    small feebas.jpg
    I'm hanging! How about yourself? Thanks so much for your interest! I would love to show you my doll when I get finished. I am little behind because I got diagnosed with some medical issues this year. The condition that I have sarcoidosis makes me short of breath sometimes, and I put off dollmaking for awhile even though I have protective gear, sanding and spraying sealants might make me cough, but am feeling better lately, and feel like undertaking some projects., and I promise that you'll be the first person online I show my Shirabyoshi doll to on this forum when she is done. Do you like dolls? Or is it more of just Japanese that you are drawn to and the Heian period? Thanks again for reaching out to me and the encouragement, I really appreciate that :)
    I never played much of either GameCube Harvest Moon because one of them was a borrowed game (for like a day because my sister's friend didn't trust me to keep her game) and my console died before I got too far in the other one. And I feel like chapter 6 is when I started to know what I wanted to do with the fic and chapter 8 was finally when I was comfortable writing it. :3
    I already use a ton of characters and events from pretty much every Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons game I've played because in my mind I feel like the games are pretty much all connected, with the exception of some games that are remakes and revamp the town completely. The fic is still accessible even to people who haven't played the games but people who have played them know what's up. >:3
    I've been playing a lot of Pokemon (a friend bought me Violet and I got Legends Arceus for my birthday last year) and Rune Factory 4. Also been getting back into Stardew Valley since I can mod it now. The remake of A Wonderful Life, which was my first Harvest Moon, comes out at the end of June so I'm hoping I can pick that up too. I have a very specific taste in games so it's mostly just been farming and Pokemon. xD
    This fic is the most fun I've had writing something in years and I love everything about it. :3

    Ooh, nice! I've been wanting to come back to RPs but I'm nervous after not doing it for like, four years. What games are you looking forward to playing?
    Oh my god, hi!!! I haven't been on for ages because I haven't had computer access so seeing two notifications when I logged in was a nice surprise! A belated thank you for the birthday wishes. :3

    I've been doing well. My current writing project is a Harvest Moon fanfic I'm posting over on AO3 under the name Chibimiie. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is one of my favorite games and I was hit with the urge to write something for it about two years ago and I haven't stopped. It starts off scuffed because I didn't know what I was doing and I was coming out of yet another bout of writer's block but I've found my flow now and I'm having a ton of fun with it.

    How about you, how have you been?
    Glad to hear it. Really needs to remember to snap screenshots again. Helps to have a visual. Went from "lagging the thread" to none.
    Oh... I wish I was, but no... If you are wondering about the chocolate recipes' book, I just bought it. I am not good at cooking and baking but I have had rare occasions to help baking some chocolate cake, cookies, ... from this book.
    I have the attention span of a hamster so I've been working on a bunch of different things. But right now I've been going through an intense bout of writer's block and sickness. I think I ate something bad on Halloween and my body's just having a crisis.
    I hope so. Sometimes she's good and sometimes she's a complete demon. xD

    Thankfully I literally have the entire plot written out, so I can add stuff wherever I want. >:3
    She's started biting people when they say no to her, so I'm very concerned about that. The biting comment was a joke and now she's doing it for real. @~@

    I'm thankful for it because Picrew is amazing and I love it. :3

    I'm gonna try to plan stuff out this time around so it's not a hot mess, but I'm excited~
    i took her to the park the other day and she was actually playing with other kids instead of fighting, so maybe there's still some hope for her. She needs to learn how to share, though.

    Picrew invaded basically every social media platform this summer. How English-speakers found a Japanese site and started spreading it around everywhere, I'll never know but I'm thankful for it. And the writing thing was a Hamilton fanfic that I have mixed feelings about, but I'm planning on rewriting it into an actual novel so maybe that'll make me feel better about it. xD
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's going to end up biting the other kids or something. She's a wild child. And sure, I'll show you some of them sometime. I found an image making site called Picrew like a month ago and I've just been going wild with making my OCs. xD

    Ooh, all of that sounds awesome! Good luck at your job~
    These past few years have been a blur because my memory sucks, but I guess one exciting thing is that my niece starts school next year, although she's been ready to go since last year. I've also developed an obsession with making OCs so now I have like thirty of them. Oh, and I actually managed to finish something I was writing last year, which is a first for me. :3

    What have you been up to, though?
    Oh my gosh, hi!!! I'm doing pretty good~

    Oh snaps, a lot has happened. I graduated high school two years ago and have moved several times (but I'm still in the same relative area). I went through a brief stage of homelessness last year except not really because I stayed with my cousin for most of that time. Most of my time has really been spent babysitting my niece, who's hecking three years old now!!!
    I have no idea what homecoming is supposed to be for, but there's a dance (which I've never gone to), and a parade, which is always fun to march in. Although I learned the hard way not to sing the Pokemon theme song twenty times in a row when I know that my voice hurts. xD
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