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  • lmao I honestly feel like any time I eat almonds they don't fill me up much, but I loove them anyway
    peanut butter is <3
    if it's just for that reason then no worries! <3 you should only donate if you use the site enough, but thank you for your thought still tbh :heart:
    Aww cute! Reminds me of Micromon, I played a lot of that game years ago. They promised pvp content but I guess that was never added at this point :( def gonna try Nexo, I also wanna play Temtem sometime orz... so many things to tryyy

    nope! PC is self-employment for me and there are no struggles with server costs at all at the moment. we make a comfortable amount and then some.
    I heard of this!! gonna look it up for more info, did you like it at all or was it too weird?
    it was yeah, people were unsure about the catch mechanics.. but I look back on it so fondly now, it was so cute :( I do love Pokémon GO and play daily though lol
    I really love how the let's go games look. So colorful and pretty. Worth trying I think, unless you really don't think you'll like the GO-style catch mechanics ;o; did you see news about DP remakes?
    heard of it!! but I am so behind with fangames, haven't played any in like a decade now it feels.... lol

    a lot! honestly if you ask me to name it's hard, since it's a decently big list probably. but EV training is a lot easier now, the exp. share item is a key item as of some of the latest games (and applies to your entire party), there are items to change your mon's ability and nature, and more stuff. any plans to try the switch games or anything? or the 3ds ones? :O
    yeah they are. we're on track to make a noticeable amount less this month from adsense than last month, but still enough to cover server costs this month it seems. whew @_@
    i guess mostly the same but with more responsibilities yeah, it's a nice learning experience though. maybe at some point i'll be able to live off of being a webmaster....nah haha, but one can dream
    yeah i bought it so hooray! costly to maintain but we've been doing well enough with ad revenue so far, covers server costs with extra left over \o/

    good to hear you're happy also!
    happy to hear!! :O

    things have gotten pretty rough for me for the most part, but that's mostly just juggling college and work and trying to get myself on the right path in life, which is difficult, to say the least. :c but i gotta push through. i have a year left until i graduate, after all.
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