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  • Hey, this is so strange but I forgot this website existed for forever and just managed to remember my login, I doubt you ever come on here but on the off chance that you do log on, how has life been?
    Well I had an induction day for college and as a team building exercise they made us sit on eachother ... Apparently all my life I was greeting people wrong by saying hello... The best way is to just grind on people... Its so obvious! Other than that, got a job and I completely understand about never putting the iPad down, they're awesome. How's your summer going? Also got sims 3 on Xbox... Love it.
    I think pokemon black and white 2 are gonna have features for the 3ds but im still not getting one. my ipad is enough for me ;)
    Well happy birthday on the 30th! I did wanna get a 3DS but then my mum asked me if I wanted an iPad and if I was a cartoon my eyes would have popped out of my head and my jaw would be on the floor. Im actually using it to type this because it beats my old crummy laptop. You actually sent me that last message on my ex's birthday.
    That is weird, I know so many people born in may... My ex, my mum, step dad, nan, me, best friend... It's ridiculously expensive, I didn't get sims three but I got an iPad and downloaded sims free play on that so it works for me :)
    I think I might, its my birthday in six days so I'll see if I can get it then or something. me and my friend will probably spend hours on it knowing us :)
    Ohhhhhhhh now i really want to play it. meh. me and my friend played it for 13 hours on valentines day (sims 2) it is way to addictive. i really have to get sims 3 now, ASAP i thought it would be the same as sims 2, but i guess not. do they actually speak human language in it or still whatever language it is that they speak?
    i would love to play sims 3 but i don't have it or any money. plus i love the old one for some reason. i always make my characters exactly like me. i love playing two playered as well, i just love sims in total.
    it was alright. spent the hole day on sims 2, cause I'm that awesome. i have never been in a relationship that long. what did you get up to for valentines day.
    oh sorry. at least you have money to spend. i have nothing. but i can just sponge off my mum so all is good. i don't like valentines day anymore, eight consecutive years of being single. sucks. how long have you been together. (sorry if thats none of my business just tell me :)
    are you married? i have singles awareness day coming up so i will be getting chocolate, ice-cream and maybe if I'm lucky a bit of alcohol. what you gonna do for valentines day/anniversary?
    got a load of games, a big trak (pretty awesome) and mainly money :) been a good christmas. hoping 2012 will be better than 2011. what did you spend the money on?
    Don't mention money for x-mas. i just fail a x-mas. i love getting presents and i rock at planning but when it comes for buying other presents i always have ideas but never the money. not getting a new laptop now getting a video camera instead. i think i can sufficiently annoy my friends with that ;)
    lol everyone has their own taste. just got my Halloween costume and I am currently sat on the computer dressed as bobo the clown. doing anything for Halloween?
    yeah, as you might be able to guess it is still broken but i have a home computer for now. really don't know, probably season 2 of glee and pokemon dvds, other than that totally clueless. you?
    yeah it would. laptop is dead officially so back to only being able to use the internet once evry two weeks at my dads. i am already so excited for christmas . i usually put decorations in my room on november 1st.
    i didn't think so at first but it seems to be getting pretty awful now. even in writing this message this is my third attempt because when i type it moves and turns itself off. i think i just need a new hard-drive for it so i will be making another withdrawal from the bank of my mum. glad to here things are getting better but now things are getting bad on this end again. nothing major just being a bit of a wimp at taking GCSE's this year at school. wish the holidays would never end.
    sorry its been a while had more problems with my laptop. i dont mind listening i like the idea of knowing that i am helping someone out. any happy changes recently? :)
    oh. not looking forward to that. only got about a year left before i will have to start all that. well i sincerely hope that August improves for you. good luck with your bills and dental work :)
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