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  • Yo you might wanna update your challenge thread. the images are broken and you cant read it anymore.
    I just googled magikarp gifs and scrolled until I found it. I'd love to know who the artist is so I could credit them.
    And with that, I finished Moon last Saturday. Kukui was super tough! Easily the toughest final battle for this color I've done yet.

    So I just started Soul Silver today, and let me ask you this: what are your thoughts on Wobbuffet? Did you find it really hard to use without any proper means of attack? Is it worth using? Because training in these games is crap enough, but with this thing I can only imagine how much it's likely to suck.

    I am looking forward to getting to use a Jumpluff, though.
    So, seeing as I just posted the last part of my Blue Mono-Color for Black 2 today (although I finished playing it back in March), I decided to compare teams, even though you did yours back in 2014 when I was doing mine for both X and Platinum.
    ```oh boy, now things should get interesting.```

    I'll take that as a compliment :p haha, thanks m8
    The Pokemon Refresh mechanic is basically Gen VII's version of Pokemon-Amie, and probably shouldn't be allowed for similar reasons. The Exp Share is still a thing, but it works just like it did in Gen VI. The Z-Moves, from my experience so far (almost done the second island), don't seem overpowered. They seem to be on a lower power level then Mega evolutions, and since you allow those, Z-Moves should be fine to keep. I've been limiting myself to one mon using the crystals at any time, but that's just me. Other than that it's pretty standard, no major changes.
    Hey man, you should check out the changes they made to the List of Pokemon by Color page on Bulbapedia. I left a comment on the discussion page for it and I think it pushed them to update it lololol
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