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  • Hey, me too! :D Did you know team rocket has bewear and mimikyu in the new anime?
    Haha, on my days off I've basically just been playing Pokemon all day. It's so fun! My favorite Pokemon is Drampa, who's actually my #1 all time Pokemon now <3 How about you?
    Doing good! I've been enjoying Pokemon Moon! Have you played the games?
    Sorry for the late answer, I don't log in a lot, but my favorite breed is Arabian horse. Mainly because that's the breed of my favorite horse in my farm (He's called Puppy, just that can tell how awesome he is) and I live in Israel, so that's the main breed of horse around here.
    What's yours?
    I've read somewhere that the smaller a horse is, the stronger it is, making it capable of having humans riding on them. Knowing that you own a horse yourself, if this information true or something you never heard before?
    Hah, good, just caught me coming back from our monthly Sam's Club/Chick-Fil-A trip, hahaha.
    I like Harvest Moon as well, and have given Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic a try as well.

    My favorite game series is still Halo (even though the fanbase is horrendous), and Pokemon is currently the second. I also like Sonic, Mario, Super Smash Brothers, visual novels, Grand Theft Auto, and a whole bunch of other series.

    Recently, I took a huge liking to Grand Theft Auto V, mainly because of...

    I am doing well! I am currently deciding what to eat for lunch, lol
    Im excited to get my tax return so I can fix my phone and buy a new phonecase :D
    How's life?
    So Ground type Pokemon are gods in Gen 1. Diglett destroying everything.
    That's to be expected from one of the largest countries in the world. No wonder when people prefer flying over driving.

    Anything you'd like to see when visiting Scotland? Tbh, I don't know much about that country. {XD}

    Florida is pretty deep in the south, isn't it? So, it's probably really warm there over the whole year, making it a good place for vacation?
    Oh, right, the US is pretty big, isn't it?

    What would be the first place that you'd visit if you had the option to leave the US?

    Not really sure, where to go, tbh. I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to traveling. Suppose the US would be an interesting place to visit, though, I probably wouldn't know where to start. {XD}
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