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  • well thankyou! no one has ever complimented that one before... ^_^ i always thought it was a poor edit, but it's nice to see that some one likes it...thnx (as i wipe the tear from my eye...)
    Great : D I dont' need you to sprite everything, by the way. ;D
    Could you PM me details? :]
    Hey there, JessieB. I'm also a game developer like the many poeople you sprite for. I was wondering, could you sprite some fakemon for me? My other spriter seems to be going inactive, and I can't get ahold of her... If you can't its fine... And I really like your newest sprite for mercury! : D Thanks for your time.
    im POKEM4NlAC and i wuz just wondering if you could sprite some stuff for my game. It's in games showcase and called pokemon dark requiem.
    even if ya don't just tell me wat u think!! ^^
    Can you sprite Fakemon without a description from me but from your own mind? what I'm trying to say is can you come up with good fakemon and sprite them?
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