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  • How can I compensate?
    If you have something I can do to help you, I'm good at pixel art
    thanks soo muchh
    thanks so much i really love this routine and my hack now is EMERALD, and i really apreciated it, thanks sooo muchhh
    you can tell me how i can remove the pikachu in top left, because emerald no have it, for i test to convert to emerald myself
    hello sir..

    just wanna ask about this:

    it is working before but, when i expand the numbers of pokemon on my rom, it no longer showing the icons ;-;

    is there a way to fix this?
    It really sad that you wont work on this project in 2017....
    Its really sad... because many people are willing for this awesome hack...

    I would have worked on it but I dont much know rom hacking and idb studying ( also dont know asm)
    So its not gonna be possible for me :(

    Still though I will wait for the update and in mean while try to learn things needed to fix it ;)
    can you have a look at the thread here,

    This guy used the wild double battle and encountered some bugs,

    I dont know if the first bug is so legit, I hadnt encountered it if I remember well but yup
    I had encountered the bug listed second for the wild double battle

    Hope you look upto them and solve as soon as possible :)

    best regards ~The_Learner
    They look totally awesome,
    I really like them,
    except for the fact that I couldn't understand the language :)
    ok, then I used the old one.. and the great thing is, this hack of wild double battle can be inserted in any Fire red rom with just a click of a button in my tool... :)
    Isnt it great??

    I was just thinking about the chance, because diffrent hackers might want different chance of encounter of wild double....
    Oh your own hack,
    is there any thread here or any other forum.. can you link me to it :)
    I would love to see it :)
    Hey there,
    I tried to install it but when I extracted all the files and performed click on compile.bat then it gives me some error as some .dll file is missing,
    but when I use the old armips, it works well...
    is it ok to use the old armips???

    also the chance for occuring wild double,
    in mainfix.asm at 26th line,
    is it hex or dec number???
    thanks for that :)
    Going to add this in my tool :)
    and probably gonna credit you :)
    thats great news :)

    and two more questions:
    1. does it write anything in the ram 0x203D900 while applying this hack.
    2. also in src/MainFix.asm the line for chance of trigerring is not correct..... can you tell me the proper line ...
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