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Jk Howling
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  • I've just uploaded 1.01, should fix Mightyena, Route 115 and the Air Balloon. Also added Blitz Boxer in. Current saves will still work with the new version (should stay that way for all future versions too).
    Oh lol I thought RHH had fixed that, guess I'll have to do it. I think enough bugs have been reported for me to get version 1.01 uploaded today; turns out the Air Balloon is causing softlocks so that's a major one.

    The plates probably should go in battle items, I just put them in regular items to help reduce clutter in the battle items pocket (it's the biggest by far at 180 item slots). My excuse is that they're also form change items so they can go in the regular items pocket with nectars and things.
    Fair enough! I lost quite a few battles in my test playthroughs, so hopefully the AI can give you a few good fights too.

    Yeah, I could just have a flat level increase for Challenge Mode, or maybe add a second level field to certain trainers so they can scale differently on higher difficulties. Definitely want to keep the cannon fodder trainers well below the player's level though. I've never seen another Pokémon game with this system, but a few other games have it (Diablo and Borderlands-style games for example).
    Trainer levels are your highest level + or - a fixed value; Roxanne's mons are a lower level than yours because some people won't have a full team at that point, so she's balanced around having a numbers advantage instead. Brawly is similar, but will only be two levels lower, and his Hariyama will match your levels. Once you get to Wattson bosses will either be at or above your level for the rest of the game; it's only the early game that will have them at a lower level than yours. Hope that doesn't ruin the hack for you!

    Edit: as usual I'm open to feedback on this sort of thing; it wouldn't be hard to set all bosses' Pokémon to be at least your highest level on certain difficulties!
    It'll be different for everyone with the auto level scaling, but it's roughly:
    Roxanne 15-20
    Brawly 20-26
    Archie 1 24-28 (Slateport)
    Wattson 36-40
    Maxie 1 45 ish
    Flannery 45-47
    Norman high 40's, low 50's.

    From Norman onwards you're a high enough level that it doesn't matter - all the important trainers will have full EV spreads at that point, and they just assume your team is fully evolved. If you hit level 100 before the post game you'll miss out on the overlevelled Cynthia fight, but she's still pretty fun to battle when you're both level 100.
    - Yeah, trainer levels scale to your strongest Pokémon, and wild Pokémon scale based on your entire party. There's no level cap system so grinding is still an option. Roxanne's designed for level 15 - 20 so hopefully you won't get too much higher than that!
    - I'm just pointing people at the source code for now, will do a proper doc once gen 8 and the standard version are done.
    - Sand Song should be in the doc, it's a Ground-type version of Liquid Voice (so sound moves become ground type and do 20% more damage)
    - Blitz Boxer is something I completely forgot to implement (knew there was going to be something!), but it will give priority to punching moves once it actually exists.
    Glad you're enjoying it!

    Oof good catch, that's definitely something I added. Will be easy to fix at least.
    Hey! Yeah it's a bit of a pain lol. Hopefully the thread'll get the all clear soon so there's an easy link to it.
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