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  • I apreciate the support for this hack rom, but saddly not, I stopped its development 10 years ago when my house was robbed and I lost my computer (backups wasn't a common pratice for me at the time, I was just a child), the hack rom was about 70-80% ready but after losing all my data, my will to continue was lost, today I moved to game development, still doing pixel art retro gaming much like pokémon red and blue ^^
    My first public hack back in 2016, it doesn't worth mentioning though, as it was pretty much like all the Fire Ref rehashed you see nowdays, but worse lol
    Banjora Marxvile what about pokemon picross gameboy color and luigi being in super mario 64 and ect they never had roms it seem and they are older
    please stop messaging me. I privatized my PMs for a reason. I don't have a rom hack from 9 freaking years ago. contact an actual staff member today about seeing if they can see if the attachment on the thread for you to download. I'm just a member. leave me alone. thanks.
    Also take a bit of logic - if an idea is like 12 years old, and has no download, it doesn't exist. End of. Stop reviving threads for no reason when the projects are very clearly, dead.
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