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  • Hey bro is there a pokemon locations file for this game if no then can you just tell me the location of scyther? Please
    Is there a fairy type gym in Nobelium? just asking:)
    Hey could you maybe repost your master tileset for gen 4-5. The thumbnail on the original isn't working, at least not for me.
    the fan game has been out over a year now... and i actually finished the mapping on the game along with adding in Hoenn , and your welcome to take L.O.K and turn it into anything that you want to. I am personally done with it now , and forever.
    If anything goes to show though, that's far from true. If I recall, Black and White broke record sales when they were released a couple of years ago. If that's any indication at all, it means the franchise and the games are still going strong after almost twenty years.

    If all they ever focused on was remaking previous games, then eventually they'd run out of games to re-make and fans would get bored of them.
    While I'd absolutely LOVE for RSE remakes to happen, GameFreak has opted to continue on with a new generation. This was expected though. They're a business, they're not going to stop making new generations every few years otherwise they'd be losing money. Remakes work well, but in spades. If that's all they did, then Pokémon wouldn't be as far as it is today. I expect we'll get RSE remakes in the future, but first X and Y are what's coming next. RSE remakes will happen when GameFreak is ready.
    Don't worry about the getting non-free software part. I have certain... methods, of doing so.
    Maybe you can be my mentor too xD
    Cool. But the more important thing is:
    HOW DA HELL DO WE MAKE MUSIC??!!!! (even remixes or minor tune changes)
    I'm dying to know.
    No, I didn't mean it like that... oh well, I guess I've found the way, so yeah.

    PS : The music sounds cool. Remixes, right? Did you make those yourself?
    xD transparency I can handle. But I can see that most of the sprites and OWs are in 64x64 and 16x32, which means that I can't put in the Black and White stuff since they don't fit in the resolution. So I thought I'd ask you.
    Eh, I dunno. Probably just the basics right now. But you could probably help me out with some other stuff going on... for example, any idea on how to edit the game sprites? Like make them 96x96 or something...
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