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    I started with GBA ROM hacks, but it didn't satisfy me, so I found RPG Maker and Pokemon Essentials, and my current project is Pokemon Adventures in Aloma and Adventures Saga

    Yep, story of my life right there.
    There's nothing for the app to do, though, other than show wiki pages which any Internet browser would do anyway. I doubt anyone would want to view the wiki's contents if they weren't currently working on their game anyway (which means sitting at a computer which will have Internet access and a browser).

    Sorry, there's no point to it.
    xD And I never took that comment as insulting... I took it as encouragement, so that I'm more sure that my profile page is hideous.
    I'd definitely like to have your help on my game, the one major thing I lack is music due to revamping one region while making from scratch another region. Have you ever tried making music from scratch before?
    Sorry about the late reply, would you mind showing my some examples of what you've done so far? As I'd be really grateful for your help in that area.
    Hey man, I am using the compiled tileset of others tiles you made, and was wondering what I should scale it to for RMXP.
    Ah thank you C: The first person to use it XD Don't just give credit to me but give it to P-Sign as well.
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