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  • hey Jokane i was wondering if you can help me with the expanding habitats thing because thats a major thing that i havent completed yet and i dont know how to do it myself because its so confusing if you know how can u please teach me/help me out with it
    Will you keep working in the 870 patch or nah?
    Because if not, you should make some Moderator close the thread.
    Some people still hopes for you to fix the big bugs and stuff and you apparently don't give a damn about it.. I could obviously be wrong, but that's the way it looks like.
    Hey Jonkane. I'd really love if you'd still wanna do some concept art for my hack. I've got a steady team going on Skype now. I understand if you don't though, but you are fantastic. PM me if you want to come back.
    which is the .ini for GBAPGE?
    and please fix the bug in the trades, is impossible trade a pokemon in your patch
    where is the image types on your patch?
    i mean, this:

    i want to edit with NSE 2.0 but is not the image's offset
    please respond
    what i should to do to add the mrds to the patched rom? (with yout patch)
    or whic is the ini?
    when i try i get this
    Hey Jonkane could you link the ini of advance pokemon series you have.....I'm having the same problem as qaz015393.
    never mind i found the rar on my email. but can u send me the ini for gen 3 suite. it says there is 511 moves instead of 510. I dont know if u add in another move.
    can u send me both ini's for Advanced Pokémon Sprite Editor and gen 3 suite since u say yours dont have an issue. I would like to not get the same errors when trying to insert my sprites.
    For your 870 patch you need to link to my post for expanding amap's readable pokemon range. I link to a modified advanced map so if you don't link it people can't read your new pokemon.
    I don't see them in the 1 u gave me.... O_o so i wont add them in the 1 I'll send u.
    Stupid same problem I get when trying to over right the images >_<
    hey man i know u already have advance map 1.92 modded in the 870patch but any chance u can send me a 1.95 modded [like the 1.92 u did] bc i cant use the 1 in your rar since it messes up my scripts. its the only advance map i have that opens my rom but like i said it messes up my scripts. Also i cant do a hex mod since i dont understand it and it messes up the app when i try to do it [the thing doesnt like me on my laptop].
    I'm having trouble installing the patch you had made. Will you be able to help?
    hey, if you want, I could link you my old ROM with up to Unova added.. however, you'll have to rip the stuff, since my hack was in progress.
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