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    Directed towards someone IRL. Worked with them over summer. Decided to tell me just how much of a waste of life and matter I was recently, just for fun.

    Hate them. Hate them more than anything else. Shouldn't. Do.
    So time to rebuild ur team? :D

    Pshaw you aree not boring. And seriously you can say that about me too but I don't let that hold me back from talking to people online. xD
    Investigation of child abuse.
    Acknowledgement and apology.

    As for the call for me to take action and write letters and do something about it...

    What you are asking me to do, basically, is to tell people that are horrific bigots to be nicer, and to stop being bigots.

    If it were that easy, I doubt we'd be having this conversation.

    Yes, the Church does proclaim Jesus, love, and Christianity. Yes, there are people in the Church who are idiots (4. But I'm Not Like That - Stop Stereotying!, before you can say it. Yes, I'm a crappy conversation partner. I understand that), but that's true of roughly every human organization.

    The problem is, what you're essentially calling for me to do is write sternly worded letters to every bigot in the world, and ask them to stop. That won't happen, and it would do no good.

    Imagine that the Catholic church is like... say... the police. By itself, the idea of a police department is a good thing. It serves to keep the streets clean, and people safe. However, as the good policemen get rewarded and become leaders and friends of the community, a lot of people get attracted to the idea of power and influence that being a policemen can give. In short, some people are only in it for the badge and authority.

    Of course, not all policemen are corrupt (well, outside of cities), because if the entire system was rotten to the core in every city in America, we wouldn't still have police.

    However, if you try to weed out the bad, you'll end up with standards so high that not even Good Guy Greg (was going to say Jesus, but I fear the fallout) would get through.

    If the Church accepted only those who were saints, then it would pretty much kill of the point of a Church.

    Yes, you get some bad apples. In fact, we openly acknowledge that we've had some bad popes (including the tracing of the political deals that led to them becoming Pope). Proving that people in the Church are bigots does nothing.

    People misunderstand the point of religion. Religious people included. The point of religion isn't to create a theocracy, or mold the world to suit your needs. And that's what's lost on most people. Look at the Middle East. Look at the Balkans. Look at Asia.

    In fact, look at the psychopaths who speak in the name of God in the United States. Westboro. Pelosi. Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    The point of a religion is to point to spiritual truth, and guide people on the right path.

    Yes, the Church should be involved in work on earth (Catholic charities, for example), but the Church isn't just a soup kitchen. This notion that has taken root, that a good church should sit down, shut up, and feed everyone for free, is utterly ridiculous.

    Yes, Catholics have things we believe in. Personally, I believe that a happy, whole family (two parents and their children) is a happy family. However, my parents are divorced. However, I still love them both, and, surprisingly enough, aren't condemning either of them to Hell for it.

    Mainly because I can't.

    And no Catholic can.

    However. I will do my utmost to do my part to end bigotry with sternly worded letters. I will try to convince the man I look up to, one of the most serene and charismatic men I know, that what he has done with his life, all the good and mercy, is all worthless.

    In fact, no. I will not answer for the sins and bigotry, because I'm not demanding you answer for the atheists who have bombed Catholic churches. I'm not demanding you answer for all the evil done by godless men, simply because they aren't your sins to answer for.

    Do I acknowledge that evil things have been done in the name of the Church (seeing as how, you know, the actual message of love and tolerance hasn't hurt anyone, but that gets ignored a lot nowadays)? Yes I do. Do I try to do my part by promoting tolerance and urging people to take a more accepting and loving view of things (IRL, I mean. Not "hurrdurr, but you're mean to people on the internetz!")? I try my utmost. I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be.

    What else can I do to fight bigotry and intolerance in the Church? Educate people, first of all. Speak with fellow Christians, and try to help them understand that God doesn't hate X, and that sinning doesn't mean an automatic one-way ticket to Hell.

    In fact, I will write letters. Give me the names of people who are being hateful and intolerant, and I will write letters. Of course, I can't write a letter to every pastor in America, simply due to the sheer amount of mailing that would involve, but I can do my best.

    However. I still disagree with your opinion that the bad apples spoil the bunch.

    Now, the next question is meant as an honest question, rather than a snappish remark. It's not meant that way, so please do not take it that way. Yet more limitations of conversing on the Internet... -_-

    Additionally, how are Catholics privileged? This isn't meant to say they aren't, this is meant to say "As a Catholic, it's hard for me to get a non-Catholic perspective, so please help me out here." I'm consistently reminded that not everybody knows as much about the Church, for example, seeing as how that's all I've known most of my life. It's like trying to understand why everybody hates America with a burning passion, when to me it's just the place I've lived all my life, and nothing really special.

    Now, proceed with telling me how many times I've derailed this conversation.
    "This thread sucks" is taking a militant tone, immediately making it known that you're unhappy with the very thread's existence. I've been slapped so many times on PC for not being spinelessly nice that I fail to see how to be "brutally honest" and still make a point without having my nonexistent ovaries ripped out.

    Also, I'm specifically referring to this:

    Specifically, the last one. I think I'm misinterpreting you, but I take that to mean the usual, "You Catholics started the Inquisition, the Crusades, the pedophilia, etc. etc.", and I wanted to know if that was what you meant, and why.
    However, I've noticed one big thing with you is taking responsibility for your own faults... And the faults of others.

    Can you explain this? I don't understand how one should be made responsible for something outside their control.
    I'm giving the world what the world gave me.

    Also, where should I draw the line between concision and tact? While it's bad to beat around the bush, PC has taught me to cover my rear from as much as I can, lest I be reported because my statement be perceived as offensive.

    Or, as I will never forget, I once said I wished homosexuals would stop screaming in my face, because I care nothing either way about them.

    You would think I'd formed the new Klan.

    Also, I'm against brutal honesty. It's honestly brutality, and too many use it as an excuse to simply say whatever they want under its guise, which was IIRC, mentioned in the D4D guide.

    On a side note, it's like the Catch-22 of applying for a job. I get hammered on for inexperience, but nobody bothers telling me what I'm doing wrong.

    So, once again, I do appreciate this.

    And that's simple appreciation in an informal conversation.
    I'm sorry.

    And no, that wasn't sarcasm. I honestly apologize for being over zealous. I shouldn't get carried away, and I too often do. Most of this stuff isn't worth arguing, especially not over the Internet, and especially not to the point where I get emotional from it.

    I had a longer post that got lost thanks to refresh. It's not worth retying on a mobile device. I'll just summarize it.

    I'm pretty much undergoing a chain reaction of emotional breakdowns recently, thanks to family, school, college, people... Whatever. The specifics don't matter.

    However, I don't want to sound egotistical, but I feel as if, to some degree, my problems matter. Perhaps not much, an I understand vmeveryone goes through hard times, much harder than mine, but it's still not easy for me.

    It's funny, actually. I'm a white male Catholic Conservative, and I can still find something to complain about. The fact that I should be perfectly happy only serves to make it sting even more.

    I know that I'm in the upper X percent of America, but I still bleed, I still cry. I can turn to almost nobody IRL simply because those that understand it are suffering alongside me, and those that don't... Simply don't.

    I try to keep my personal life off of PC, as I'm sure you do.

    However. Please, don't see this as a constant thing where I'm always looking to stomp my boot into someone else. I was peeved once, and it is, obviously, still biting me in the ass.

    I don't take "tough love" very well, simply exhaust cause it reminds me of my boss who never forgot to remind me that I was incompetent and unfit for the most basic of tasks. Not something I should do, but not something easy to forget.

    To get back in topic (I know. I'm derailing. Please, please don't hammer me for this post), I apologize and there really is no excuse, but please don't see me as that idiot bastard from hell.

    I'm still trying to learn, as hard as it is, how to coexist with others. Hiding failed. Asserting myself failed. I'm tryin to adapt, so please don't be too harsh.

    I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
    Oh, you were referring to that thread.

    Alright, I'll agree with you there. I was peeved, and trying to blow off some steam.

    However, I don't think getting extremely worked up and angry whenever someone mentions religion is the best thing in the world. Screw the morality, it's bad for your health.

    Then again, I openly admit that I have Berserk Buttons.

    But even then, I try not to absolutely and totally go off on people just because I feel like it. I fail sometimes, as evidenced in the Atheist Alliance thread, but I still realize that's it's a Bad Thing to Do.

    There's a lot to be said for not flipping out on someone every time they say something you don't like. I've had response posts three miles long that I've deleted simply because I realize that it's not worth getting hateful and vitriolic over.

    In all honesty, I'm eager to see yours. You write some entertaining things, and I wouldn't miss this for the world.
    O-Ouch, that hurt.

    Speaking sincerely, I honestly can't tell anything that I'm doing so offensively wrong in my recent posts. I'm keeping a cool head, and trying to be as civil as I can.

    Yes, some of my arguments are shaky, but the point of debating isn't to RAWR CRUSH THE OPPONENT, the point of debating and conversing is to learn and grow off of the other person.

    I apologize for my flaws, and your Training From Hell is appreciated, though.
    There are quite a few, especially in the later chapters. The novel doesn't have as much depth as the series obviously but it's a hell of s lot less censored. Oh, there are some quite big backstory changes too.
    I also read some of the manga, the story sucks, the characters suck, that combined with the fanservice of little kids made me not even want to bother with it. It's a shame as I really a story with a sudden parent....
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