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  • lol why did you leave martini bullied me into posting a thread i dont know who i am anymore
    haha that picture was disgusting! Idk, I am just applying for new jobs and hoping I can stop this babysitting one haha.

    I am definitely not sending mixed messages, you, as per usual are just interpreting them oddly. How's house sitting going? Had any raging parties... LOL.
    ahha I've never seen nanny mcphee, so can't say I really know what is going on in that. I'm just going to try and save up some cash from them and then quit haha.

    omg drive more! stop being a hazard on the road, if you had a bigger car your pleb driving would cause serious accidents!!
    Ugh, it''s so gross they are the worst, most ordinary people and they are so spoilt and dumb. Oh yay so you got your Ps then? Will you get to use her car? Watch our when doing hook turns in the CBD lol.
    One Piece is okay, me and my bro downloaded some, but well... the anime style is a tad weird and it kinda gives me a head ache. But it's still pretty cool. :P
    well now I babysit some teenagers which mostly involves doing their household chores, driving them places and walking/drying their dog. so pretty much I hate it, because I hate all jobs. what's new with you?
    Hmm... well, Studio Ghibli films are the only ones which make me feel like crying. Everything else is like 'Oh, shut up you old sook!' xD Yeah, I'm pretty harsh, lol.
    Yup, well, it totally rocks! :P But it made me cry, twice. xD

    No problem!
    Oh yes! I remember that ep!! it was funny! Ya, it does sound like me, I really need a job... so don't have enough money to travel :(
    Cool beans. :P Nothing much, just finished one heck of a movie. Howl's Moving Castle, check it out and prepare to cry. :D
    hahaha well good to hear you are enjoying yourself. I think I saw dnd on the big bang theory lol. probably not the best place to scout for fe(male) order brides though ha. Probably you could do europe quite cheaply, if you were willing to rough it, but I think I'm a bit too much of a snob to handle that, so might night a bit more money just in case haha.
    Ohh, then that makes sense.

    Lmao, I'm 18 now so I can go to jail for that so I'll pass....but if I was 17 then that would be a whole different store.
    Oh that's not too bad, and woah that's a lot of books for one series. Is it all continuous?

    Yea, haha. It destroyed my will for playing any games in the future .-.
    Yea I know haha. Thanks!

    How many are in the series if I may ask? And about how long are they?

    That is really true, but when you're beat by some kid who didn't even play the game before...
    Yea, but I'm mainly in it for the fun of it haha

    You should look into it! It's pretty good haha. Some of the best books come from recommendations haha

    And depressing when a kid half your age can beat you over and over....and over....
    It is, but hey, in the future you could probably sell them for a decent amount. My parents stopped buying them for me when I was ten soo haha.

    Oh okay, thanks for recommendation! Have you ever read the Eragon series?

    I can't enjoy them if I keep on dying haha.
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