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  • Thanks! I'll probably do that to haha

    I do! I read manga too, mainly Bleach, Naruto, Crows and Worst. I just started getting back into Pokemon card collecting so we'll see how far I go into that.

    I used to read a lot back in the day, still have my plaque up in my elementary and Jr. High school for reading the most books! Haven't heard of that series of books tho.
    And I pretty much sucks at any video game, except for Pokemon aha. But I haven't played any video game in over 3 years .-.
    Okay I'll follow those rules. I'll buy one on Tuesday so I can activate it Thursday!

    Sweet. So, have any hobbies?
    Thanks! It's just that I keep on reading about reviews where people aren't able to register their cards and when they do, there's no money on it and such.

    Mind if I shoot you a friend request?
    Ohh okay. I'm not a member of the bank I'm getting it from either. I want to pick up a $150 as well. This is the one I'm looking at. Might get it at a different location, but it'll still be a Visa gift card.
    What kind of gift card did you use if I may ask? I'm planning to stop by a bank and pick up a Visa gift card do you think that would work? Thanks for the help!
    Oh haha that sounds... interesting? what does dnd involve? lol. being social is good! important for growth etc. A male order "bride" could be super cute, embracing a bisexual perspective are we? haha my boyfriend wants to travel exclusively in europe, but im trying to get him used to the idea of travelling in cheaper places because we probably won't have enough money to spend 6 months in europe lol
    Oh yay! So many different areas of good news for you! I am proud.. are you still socialising with friends at uni often? Are you saving for anything in particular? I am attempting to save to go overseas next year, but I am not good at it!
    Also, One Piece is literally the best thing ever.
    One Piece is literally the best thing ever.
    One Piece is literally the best thing ever.
    One Piece is literally the best thing ever.
    One Piece is literally the best thing ever.

    I love you.
    Hahahaha oh hell no!! I am a normal person and have lived a normal fun life lol
    Hahaha awks man. If I had that in my past I would never bring it up lol
    That's a good plan! And unlike me you probably won't have to worry about having an awks sleazy driving instructor. Good times when I was 16
    Oh yay how exciting! Hope you've been practicing driving so you'll pass it!
    oh lucky.. I go back monday.. only one week left. :( so sad. hows getting your license coming along?
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