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  • You're free to try! If they really are as advertised, I could probably put them in one slot.
    Let me know what you think of my app, I really hope it gets in!! This RP looks so great I'm super excited!!
    Nah I wouldn't be playing it too serious, she has a super bubbily exterior to make up for her OCD, but it will greatly affect her performances and the route she takes for them. The suicide thing is really just to show that it was very serious at one point. The medication also probably won't be directly addressed.
    Hi, would it be okay if my character for the IIS roleplay had OCD? I wouldn't be going anywhere too dark during the actual roleplay, she is relatively under control with medication, but can I mention attempted suicide in my application or is that too much?
    I am doing a Poison-type run. The whole FireRed portion is actually in the latest page of the Monotype thread, in case you want to check it out!

    But yeah, it's not ALL writer's block, but I did have difficulty deciding on how to move the plot along, which didn't help, so I'm solely blaming that! :P

    I remember I did a Normal-type run once, it wasn't too difficult, but that was on Red, where Tauros just kills stuff, so that definitely helped!
    Yeah, that makes sense (the music part), sorry I didn't get a lot done yesterday, between the Mexico game, and finishing out my monotype challenge, I really didn't have as much time as I would've liked to work on it. A little writer's block didn't make matters better either.

    Anyways, what time zone are you? I'm PST, but I'm really only able to work on it after work, 6 and later.
    Oh wow, am I supposed to reload the page for it to refresh? Because I just noticed that.

    Anyways, I guess I'll get to working on it in a bit, sorry for the false alarm.
    Hey, I sent you a PM with a Titanpad link for the joint post, I'm not sure if you saw it. Let me know what's up.
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