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  • Eh, that's PC for you. Even when you're not here it takes time for it to acknowledge that you're offline.
    I wasn't here when you VM'd me, so I wasn't available for our trade. There's an official cloning thread in the Trade Shops subsection, that's where you make cloning requests.
    Crap. I have a freaking crapload of homework still and my mom has my DS, so I don't think I can do today. I might forfeit, since it would be an inconvience for you to wait until after you move. Btw, good luck on the move :D. But seriously, I lose a lot of my free time once school starts, so it sucks we're always busy at different times (or I forget). But whatevs, we'll figure it out.
    Yay, no forfeiting :D. I can't today since I'm babysitting my neighbor. But tomorrow afternoon I'm free.
    I FORGOT. CRAP. If you want I can forfeit, since you beat me the first time and it will probably be a repeat.
    Cool, I should totally face you sometime on it. Anyways, I'm on now, I might be on later. Tomorrow's wicked busy, and in the afternoon Saturday I think I'm free.
    I'll be all ready in about 2 hours from when I post this, since my bro wants his laptop :(. Btw, have yo ever tried Pokemon Online? You might be good at it, given you've owned this tournament.
    Sry, I got a crap load of homework and I wanted to finish it all today so I could use my day off tomorrow for fun. Tomorrow I promise I'll battle you. If I don't, I'll forfeit, since I'll probably lose :P
    No one ever officially told me we had to battle. If you're EST, tomorrow afternoon is beautiful for me I believe. So if you can get on then, that would be wonderful.
    I'm really sorry, but I barely have any time left in the weekend. I'm forfeiting. I just told this to locofredd.
    Sorry mate.
    I wasn't in town for some time, and as PC forum was my Home Page, whenever my mother used my PC, this forum would load and it would update my "last login" date.

    I'm really sorry.
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