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  • Okay Friday is a day where my hours are flexible! Can you do 10:00 am Eastern Standard time? I can check to see what you deposited before I head out ^_^

    Its an odd phenomena I hadt encountered before either, *knocks wood* hopefully I won't see that error again. Its quite a curious cat indeed.
    It was gone again this morning. T_T I don't want you to keep losing your pokemon Kai. How about this? Why don't plan a time to deposit the pokemon when you know you won't be busy, and tell me the time and day you are going to leave it? That way I'll be ready to pounce on the gts like a tiger,before anyone else can swoop down and get your rattata. Or maybe try something people will be even less likely to trade like a magikarp? We have to get you Kirby!

    Also have you been able to trade with other members? So far I have not encountered the odd trading issue we ran into during September Serpents, and was wondering about how it has been on your end? Since we use the GTS to bypass the direct link trade I was curious if the problems had occured again?

    Have a good weekend my friend. I will look out for any Kirby messages.

    Okay, I'm on now. I'm sending over a calm imposter ditto named Kirby with 3-4 ivs and will give it a useful held item. I can get you some more where that came from. It is good to be in touch with you again. I miss our talks. I hope you are having a good spring break.

    Hi bro,

    I have lots of catching up to do with you as friends.

    I wanted to know if there was a special nickname you would like on the imposter Ditto? Also what should I look for on the GTS? I imagine by this late in the game your first deposit might have been taken. What should I be looking for.

    /hugs/ Stay warm,

    Hey there friend! I have been incredibly rushed and only popping into PC for a few seconds lately. Happily I can catch my breath this weekend. I just wanted to tell you I fhave finally gotten the ditto cave to randomly spawn. Catching you some good ones. Then we can catch up I hope. It has been so long, but I'd love to chat with you and find out what you have been up to. Is there anything else I can do for you Kai?

    An awesome weekend to you!

    Hi Kai!

    I hope you are doing great. I have, some catching up to do on our private messages. But I just wanted to drop by and wish a happy new year's eve! Thanks for stopping by the winter club my friend.

    I hope tonight is a fun night of celebration for you, and may 2019 bring you something wonderful.

    Lol, it's actually supposed to be me irl but i'm flattered you think i look like her
    You have selected gorgeous new. I think you enjoy his color in light if fancy the Sun or Girls on a Bridge. I personally have always been enraptured by Vampire.
    Kai, you made me laugh in spite of myself with that link. I'm still chuckling as I write this. I'm saving that for a rainy day.

    I'm starting to forget some parts of the dreams so describing them might be incorehent right now. Now its more of just a lingering sentiment from the nightmares than the actual images resurfacing in my mind. As Dick Halloran says in the movie The Shining, "Say, like if someone burns toast. Things that happen leave other kinds of traces behind."

    I think you would make a good Carl Jung analyzing dreams tho.

    Thanks for cheering me up, and advice. I will try to clear my mind before bed. I have a tendency to let my thoughts wander around aimlessly. I will go back to playing music to get to sleep.

    I'm very lucky to have a Kai!

    On the positive note do you like Edvard Munch's art? As a teen art student he and other symbolist painters certainly caught my eye.

    Bless you Kai, lots of love your way! I'll shoot back a pm reply soon!


    P.S Love the modification to your avvie!
    What a pal! Thanks Kai!

    Have you got a Latias/Latios code to spare? I think once I get the lovely psychic dragon I will be caught up. I hit my local Target this week to get Zekrom.

    Thanks for the heads up on my profile! I have been a bit of a slowpoke going through my inbox. Hope you like your September Serpents Pokemon. Zeorora is just around the corner! Have fun pulverizing your enemies with plasma fists.
    OK, that is fine. I must have been thinking of someone else. Thanks for the clarification. I'm putting Snivy in Pokebank now. Will be online in a couple of minutes.
    Oh, and I almost forgot. Snivy is a boy. Did you say that you wanted him named Marshall in that case? I have been naming many different Pokemon lately for different trainers and I am trying to remember who wants what. Enjoy.
    Oh my gosh hi there Kai Ai!

    Thank you so much for spreading some love. It has been a great birthday week, and I'm happy to have made you as a friend recently.

    That is so cool. Maybe we will see eachother in the photography club on site them sometimes ^_^

    I discovered that I loved photography in Freshman year. I had an amazing teacher who taught us all about photography from the very beginning with daguerreotypes and Claude glass to postmodern artists of today. My favorite photographer is Suza Scalora and her magical pictures. I'd be thrilled to see your own pics maybe one day, be they cell phone or professional :)
    Thanks for talking to me. J noticed that we have some of the same hobbies. I love art too, my fav movement is the pre-raphaelites and love photography. I also love cooking, particular international cuisine, and I love gardens. You sound very spirited with your interest in crime fighting. I'd like to add you to my contacts, it would be cool to keep in touch. Though if you would rather not, that is also totally fine hun. I really enjoyed our chat. -Sam
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