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  • Hey, I have a question. Do you know what website streams new episodes of Pokemon XY and Z live? I really would like to see the battle of Ash vs.Alain before I go to school
    A photographic memory would be nice to have. No more time wasting just to get something into my head. {XD}

    Not sure what you mean by cheating, though. If you recreate something in your head, then you're recreating something that's in your head and cheating would be more like putting semi-transparent paper over the original and then retracing it. Or using one of these papers where they give you numbered dots that you just need to follow.

    A photographic memory is an innate skill and when something takes skill, it's hardly cheating.

    Also: hi! :)
    Oh, I see... I have tried to make many forums and disbanded them myself. So, I know how that can be...

    With real life, forum management gets hard. But don't worry! I wish you the best with whatever you want to do in life! : )

    Would you like to come see my forum for a day too? : )

    It's dead, but I still talk to some of my friends there.

    So, if you would like to see it for a while, I don't mind inviting you over!

    Only if you're free, ofcourse...
    Hi there. I had read your blog and was hoping to comment on it, but it seems I'm not able to, for whatever reason. So instead, I'll leave a VM.

    Regarding the thought that copying is 'cheating', that largely depends on what you use it for. Since I'm a writer, I'll put it in context of writing. Copying something directly off the internet and using that as "my work" is clearly cheating. Taking the text and creating a copy without citing the source, regardless of how faithful or faithless I am to the original, is also cheating. But, there's nothing wrong with using source material to either practice your craft or to create a slightly different version while citing the original.

    I haven't seen any of your work, so I don't know exactly what your form of copying entails. However, as long as you're citing whatever work your art is derived from, then I say go ahead.

    They also say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so there's that too.

    Hope that helps.
    Ikr... @_@

    Btw, Kyo- about your own forum:

    Is it still online? I would love to post there you know! : )

    Also, I really like Fiori's forum too.

    I like both your forums a lot!

    But, when I joined Fiori's forum, I think my ID was still not accepted?

    (that is, when I tried to login, it said my username was not accepted yet)

    So, I thought I'd ask you.

    Let me know only if you are free, Kyo.. : ) No biggie

    Thank you, Kyo!
    こんにちは!お日本語は上手ですね!最近フォラムでいろんなところで見たから、そして今の君のおブログを読んだから、話しかけようと思って… 何んのことだったがわかんないけど。ごめんね、私の日本語はまだあまり良くないし、勉強もなんかスランプに…
    Yeah, lol... It may take weeks or even months, but don't worry about it too much! :) Things will eventually light up.

    Stay fresh! ^.^
    Kyo, I really hope things are getting better for you. Please let me know! :)

    Also, try not to become one of those people whose lives are sad. Please live up to how amazing you are and have always been and please always stay AMAZING!!! : D

    Love you man!
    You'll be fine, life moves on and things pass! So as hard as it might be try not to dwell on it too much. =)

    Last day off before back to work tomorrow and I'm so bummed out though. like seriously hahaha
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