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  • Same here. It felt like a refreshing take on a genre that is usually a bit unsatisfying. Still, I'm getting into slower music and it makes my punk rock days just look stupid.

    What?! Drawing with a mouse is impossible! I even tried a stylus and pad a while ago and the lack of precision proved too aggravating. I'm a sharp pencil overlord. Can't settle for anything less.
    So it's really cool if you can manage it.

    It truly is a fine movie. The originality and likeableness of the characters are major points in its favour, and it's such a memory-maker! I'm also a bit of a stop-motion nut, so films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline are among my favourites. My absolute favourite is a darker choice. It's called Leon: The Professional and it's a masterpiece.

    What's your favourite movie?
    Thanks! And yeah, I've only just discovered him but his music is irresistibly original. In an age of Grande's and the like, he's a gale of fresh air.

    And whoa, a friend request. I get one of these about once an ice age, so the moment is not without gravitas.

    Right. Formalities! Welcome to the forums, blah blah blah, and I really like your avatar and signature. Did you do the latter yourself?
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