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  • you randomly popped into mind - if you see this i hope you're doing okay!
    doing well, thanks! hope things are going well for you too
    fwiw you're debating a guy that sealions as a full-time job, so don't feel obligated to exhaust yourself in that thread

    but god that's so exciting! do you wanna specialise in anything?
    pretty quietly editing a magazine (good pay!) while finishing off my history/sociology degree in a few months, and then gonna creep into the driver's seat of education and get back into the teaching college i left a few years back

    It was great, despite losing my job before it all started! Went all over Houston such as the space center, Moody Gardens, and attended the rodeo. All in one week. It was a well-deserved rest for me. :D
    wtf i last messaged you a year ago you suck lmao

    just a lot of life stuff, really. A lot of changes too. Glad to hear that. We do need to catch up too. :D
    it was changed back quite a while ago lol

    don't remember exactly when, but it wasn't like just a few months ago
    Oh congrats! :D

    Yeah, I've always found it odd that med students can scrape a pass in their exams and still be qualified doctors. If I were a patient I'd hope the doctor in training would know the content through and through rather than have "just passed" to nab their degree. It's certainly interesting. Of course you have placements etc that factor in.
    It's treating me well! The workload is intense, but I'm used to it I guess haha.

    How are you? What's been happening?
    Oh sweet :D I'm on break as well though it's the middle of winter! What've you been up to during your break?
    Basically its all a bit of a mess, my initial prediction of a hung parliament was right, but I didn't foresee the fall of the SNP in Scotland and the SDLP in N.Ireland. What we now have is a very messy situation in which the Tories are teaming up with the archaic Unionists. However, to answer your question, Corbyn is now in a far better position with the public. The media have backed off a bit, some have sheepishly apologised. Bookies odds now have him as favourite to be next PM and we're overtaking Tories in polls across the board.
    Thank you!

    Hopefully! This place is like a second family to me, I'll always be here even if on and off :D
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