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  • Hahaha nope, I've been, what's the word... faltering. d:

    I guess I'm a little back on track now so !! I'm living in Illinois!
    Trying to find (and afford) an apartment, applying for UNI, a couple deaths in the family... the usual :/
    Ooh med school, I don't envy you d: Goodluck in your studies!

    I've been alrighr I guess, work and college and a lot of stuff going on right now.
    You know, I'm really not sure what happens then. A Govt will have to be formed somehow. Maybe the Queen steps in?
    Essentially, if May loses just 5 seats and Labour holds or gains them, her Govt becomes illegitimate and she would have to seek either Parliament's approval to continue, or be forced into forming a coalition. As it stands, Labour and the SNP (the 2nd and 3rd biggest parties by MPs) will never go into coalition with the Tories and the only party that would will not have enough MPs to form the needed majority,

    In that event, if Labour, SNP, Greens, the two bigger Irish Parties (both leftists) and the Welsh party Plaid Cymru agreed on forming a govt together they could then take over as a Left Wing multi-party coalition.

    I came back to your profile looking for a certain video that you showed me a few years back (discord was talking about kpop), and I found this


    and I remember how amazing it was lmao

    hope you are well!!
    You know, this is kind of embarrassing for me to admit, but I'm not too familiar with the modern indictments people give Putin and Russia that makes Trump's communication with them a big deal.

    I hear about human rights violations by Putin and suppression of the media, but is there more to it than that? If you can find me a good primer or give me a nutshell that would be great. I need to be more on board with this issue.
    Glad you got your priorities set out then man, best of luck with school and all that!

    ...leaving this place would probably boost your test levels about 50%, js :B
    I can tell! I get a little squirmish when it comes to looking at surgeries on reality shows. It makes me feel like "uuuuuuuuuuuuuh can we not lol"
    OOooo look at you gunna make the big money ;)

    Have you done any practice surgery in school? Something happen that suddenly brought on this interest or has it been in your mind for a while?
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