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  • How long until you need to choose? I'm pretty unfamiliar with how med school operates

    get it, operates?
    yes! thats what it was called! Right I remember all about it now. It wasnt a particularly important thing to know, so I didnt remember much.

    Oh I see xD

    At least Woodrow Wilson wasnt president then XD He would have definitely tried to institute some sort of democratic state in China, like he tried to do (most of the democracies failed) post WWI.

    Ya im not a fan of US military bases abroad xD What is your opinion on the matter?
    Dang you are making me feel bad for literally not knowing any game xD

    Of course the US would be opposed to Japanese invasion in China. I know Japan was trying to set up a coalition of sorts with a lot of the Asian countries, but I forget the name. But to fund the communists and not only the nationalists sort of surprises me.

    Im also not surprised it seems like the US didnt help the nationalists too much during the civil war considering they would then have to face Russia, but i dont know enough about the dates and situation because the US had no issue intervening everywhere else lol.

    The US stationed a lot of the troops in a lot of places. Im pretty sure we still have military bases in Japan.
    wow lol. I know the US was involved fighting with the Whites in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia... was the US involved with the civil war in China? Funding or providing troops for the Nationalist Party?

    Anarchism is traditionally communist, so Im not surprised that it was a rising ideology as you said. Its only recently that anarchism has split into many different camps. Specifically Anarcho-Capitalism with Gustave de Molinari and Lysander Spooner in the 19th century, but without any sort of backing or even name until Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell in the mid-late 20th century.

    I played Lego Star Wars a lot as a kid and now I found i can get it online, so i think ill buy it. I used to play a lot of lego games. I was a lego kid... arguably still am lol. I was on a lego robotics team in middle school and just recently built a lego car to hatch eggs on Pokemon Go cause i was bored.

    Im not very familiar with Paradox Interactive or any historical games to be honest.
    I dont think I have much to add, which is why I asked the question lol. Thanks for responding... it probably took a while. The only thing is that as far as I know, the Boxer Rebellion probably added to the previous chaos before the civil war.

    Is this all from the top of your head?

    I have a strong urge to buy the lego star wars game for some reason.
    Just subbed. Thanks for telling me about the channel!

    Why was their a communist revolution in China? I think its more obvious in Europe- people tired of war, hierarchal institutions, imperialism, "exploitation," etc. (I'm really not a fan of communism). And Russia was extremely weak from WWI.
    wow thats pretty cool. Are the sides evenly matched? Are you playing against AI?

    Yes of course the scientific revolution! It undermined the Catholic Church's power similar to Protestantism, without war. And in turn, catholic monarchies. More cultural (which protestantism had as well).

    Very interesting. Its also interesting how Chinese politics has not been very influenced by Europe, despite all of its encounters with Europe. Even Japan was heavily westernized after WWII.
    I dont play video games nearly enough. xD But that sounds interesting. I googled Total War and it looks like there are a lot. Empire looks pretty cool as well. Do you get to choose which side to play as?

    I didnt know that about the ancien regime. I always thought it was protestantism and liberalism that were major forces in ending the ancien regime, with of course WWI finishing off the Hohenzollerns, Habsburgs, Romanovs, and stuff. But the ancien regime had a lot of centralization, in particular with Louis XIV and Frederick the Great. You could count Bismarck and Emmanuel II for uniting Germany and Italy respectively I guess.

    How did historical politics in China affect Communist China?
    I consider the germanic invasions part of the Roman age because thats partly what caused its downfall. I really only know what I learn in school because I dont read outside stuff for history. I do read some history stuff outside of school, but I also have other interests. so I'm kinda limited, but very interested.

    hm I should read about that. How did emperor rule work?
    European history post-Roman Empire interests me most. Anytime there really. I want to learn more about the Romans though other than crap i learned freshman year that I may or may not remember. As with ancient history... the Mesopotamian nation states seem interesting.

    I like US history the second most because 'MERICA I guess. Right now I'm competing with a friend to memorize as many dates as possible leading up to and including the American Revolution and the Article of Confederation. So far I got most of the big/medium stuff. It started because he was bored and wanted to memorize them and I wanted to one-up him cause why not and I love history. And I'm a loser kek.

    I dont know much about Asian history other than times when they intertwined with European History... Age of Discovery, trading, Opium Wars, Sino-Japanese War 1905, WWII, etc.
    I'm in the process of restocking my iPod with songs and because I'm way too lazy to do it all at once I just download one song a day hehe :P
    It's a french name meaning "wise counselor". It's also a name I'd like to give to my future daughter when I have her one day. My mom keeps saying I have to have an "A" name for every kid I have, so I decided to stick with Avery.
    What level are you on right now? Didn't you just graduate? I'm going to graduate this coming fall, and I'm pretty excited. As for me, I've been having my ups and downs. Had a great job for the past three months as an IT person, but was let go unfortunately. Right now my main focus is to finish my education. Overall, life in Houston for me is pretty swell. It has its ups and downs.
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