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  • It's not going away any time soon I'm afraid

    will you be joining any new roleplays here in PC to pass the time while inside?
    Funny that! Time flies by so fast. Congratulations on graduating

    Same here. The lockdowns thanks to the virus are getting lame, I can't even go out to get a burger in peace x) I've a feeling it'll get worse soon though, with the flu season coming
    it has been a long time indeed!

    It's been fine. Could be better but I'm trying to be optimistic

    and you?
    very active on FB (re-add me already >:( ) since that's where the AC memes are but also arguably active on discord sometimes when ac stuff happens hahaha. how about you though where are YOU active its certainly not discord smfh
    Assuming you still use discord haha
    Otherwise i can give you the link to what i currently have in a pm?

    but discord is much much more convenient...
    If ur srs i need help writing and tying concepts together ??????????????????
    Like a zombie
    You can't go back to the ground then
    You're forever alive
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