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  • Only a few? Not good. :( Well, you should still try to pay attention; it's a very important part when it comes to taking classes, y'know?

    Yeah, sort of. xD;;
    Oh, lucky you! That's a pretty important thing, though, haha. I've been all right; don't have to attend any of my classes for the rest of this week, so yay!
    Yeah, some schools are like that. xD;; They probably just don't want their students to fail; else, they might be going down in rating.
    Lucky you! Back when I was in high school, they were pretty strict. :( If you were absent for x amount of days without any notice, then you'd instantly fail all your classes.
    It's Pokemon.. thought I should start slow :3

    ohh if you make yours, I'd join! did you have anything planned?
    Yeah, I've been meaning to be more active in the RP corner. ;o; You like roleplaying a lot?
    Oh, yeah, me too. Gotta love holidays; don't have to worry about anything at all and just enjoy your time. x)
    It's always a good idea to lay-back and relax; putting too much pressure could, you know, wind up having negative side effects. xD;;
    ah okay. better prepare yourself for it haha. :p im doing all right, but pretty tired though. going to bed soon!
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