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  • Oh dear, a Vayne and Riven main then? ;)

    That time is great for me, I'll be around :D I warn you my team has yet to be tested so I apologise if it's a farce of a match!
    Yep sure :D I'm GMT and bad at time zones but I can be around any time after 6 PM my time until 3 or 4 AM so I'm sure we'll run into each other - what's your server name?
    Hiya mate, sorry I've had to pull out of the tournament so I won't be battling and you're moving on to the next round.
    I'm not sure how to set one up, but essentially you are 8 hours behind me as I am on BST currently, meaning if you're free from say 6PM that starts at 2AM for me.

    Regarding what I am free my end, this means that when I'm free 6PM - 12AM that is from 10AM - 4PM for you.

    I hope this helps.
    At GMT +1 nights won't be possible as that will be 1AM onwards my end. I'm essentially free 6PM - 12Midnight on weekdays.
    Oh damm, looks like Pokemon Go needs real trainers. Tempted to get it and look for weaklings to beat :)
    I dunno about that, but it is definitely one of Gainax's better pieces. Not sure how it always gets overshadowed by TTGL and Eva.
    Haha sounds like a good plan!

    Aw! *hugs back* actually, things got better really quick for me! things went out as planned and I didn't expected this.
    Oh damm, good luck with your job hunt! and Pokemon GO has a lot of issues, not even bothering on getting it lol.

    I'm okay, I guess. Frustrated because something didn't went as I expected yesterday and it was quite a big deal for me. But I'll get better, otherwise I'm doing good because I don't have school until the next Monday.
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