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  • Actually yes, I only have 2 codes for poipole so I wasnt going to do one for it but I will be giving Zeranora away soon. I can give you both codes:
    A878DSKK7CMF87DF (Poi)
    A8923XZ3L3U8Y6A5 (Zera)
    I don't have one, unfortunately! :c I can let you know if I happen to get one, or I can nab a HA Miltank in a different type of ball?
    Ok no problem I understand :) I'm GMT +1 btw :P that causing some trouble :P but I'll try to be online at 5 pm of your time :) otherwise we can trade at weekend as You mentioned before :)
    Hi I'm online now on my pokemon Y can we trade riht now? I see that you are online so its the best time for us to trade :D
    Enjoy your Buneary -- Officer Judy Hopps will definitely keep you in line :P Thanks for the Jangmo-o, too!
    Hey, sorry I didn't catch this earlier; I was making supper! If you're still around, I can hop online real quick for the trade! :)
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