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  • Sure, if you have something to say about. xD Most people had [almost] nothing to say about my artwork this time.... O.o but I thought you might've wanted to check it anyway. :P Thankies! You still chat in a sweet, mysterious way. :P
    That's just like always. ^_^ And what I had to tell you was... I have a new artwork up!

    XD See it in the art gallery forum! It's not as impressive as the Kanna I drew 2 years ago, but it took me a much longer time to complete...
    Kayleigh! You signed on. That was like 4 month you haven't been on? XP Anyway, I have something [not that important] to tell you! :P
    Chick-Fil-A is soooo good! =D the closest one is 45 minutes away though.. =( but if we had one, I'd tell him to work there for sure! Free food for me! XD

    Merry Christmas to you too! =D
    Me too! I am hoping it ends with Zeki. ^_^

    There is a whole new arc coming so the manga is only half over.
    Haha, guess so. XD And yeah, probably.

    Ohhh, awesome cheeseburgers. |D Lawl, that's what I was doing as well. XD
    I completely agree! Thanksgiving is important too! I like the Christmasy feeling and stuff, but not until Thankksgiving at least.. =\

    and yeah, restauraunts just don't care if their employees get family time or not, I guess. He'll have to work on Christmas too. Gah, stupid businesses.. why can't they just close for at LEAST those 2 days?
    "About a year," heh, you say that so freely. XD I've only been here about a year, so that's a lifetime to me.

    Doin' good, hungry though, can't wait for dinner. @_@; You?
    Ooh I love the parade too! I wish I could be there, but I love watching it on tv too! =) and then at the end, I get in a Christmasy mood. ^^

    omg I would be really mad if I was my bf. xD he works at iHop, and they're making him work on Thanksgiving. so his parents are going out of town without him. But seriously, WHO would go to iHop on Thanksgiving??
    Yeah, it's a shame. I really like chatting with you... even though we've only chatted on MSN once. Still, it was nice. /o/;
    I wish it was earlier than the 27th this year.. longer to wait. XD but I'm reallllly excited! It's like, my favorite holiday besides Christmas. ^^ and I love food. lol, last year I was sick all throughout Thanksgiving break, and it sucked so bad.. I tried to eat aot, but I really couldn't. So I'm gonna make up for it this year!
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