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  • Sorry, I'm not going to accept your friend request or Discord request, I don't want to talk to you.
    Happens often enough, no worries o/ not like id even remember whose thread I locked either ahah
    To each their own, I guess? I have a high tolerance for stuff, since I grew up on that kind of thing and my taste in anime is eclectic.

    I just don't use pronouns on the internet these days, neither when referring to myself or to others. It's much safer that way, aha. I don't really get it myself, but...eh, everyone has their preferences. It costs me nothing to respect that.

    Well, a couple of months isn't bad if you use it nearly every waking hour of the day. I think my problem would be I'd buy ridiculously cheap batteries that wouldn't last a week, like my parents used to for my Gameboy...I have so many bad memories of thinking I'd be fine on the red light only to have it cut out five minutes later. xD
    It does, and that's why I prefer Woolseyism as opposed to a straight-up adaptation when it comes to dubbed shows. A lot of it just doesn't translate, and when you're not Japanese you'll misinterpret a lot of it anyway due to cultural dissonance. It works very well in video games at least!

    It is...I've gone by more than I can remember over the years, haha. Although considering people change over time, that's not surprising. I don't really mind what people call me honestly, it's about as important to me as what gender they refer to me as...well, maybe slightly more important, I don't think I'd want an insulting nickname. xD

    I guess, but replacing the batteries must be a pain. Nothing springs to mind...I think I might have moved to my current house that year, but the early 00s (I refuse to call them the "noughties") have all kinda blended together in an indiscriminate haze. My memory picks up after 1999 in 2008 when I started University. It's a lost decade. Or near decade. xD
    Eh, I think can vary...it's like any media; the original version isn't always the best one. It often is, but you get rare exceptions to the rule, like how the 80s remake of Scarface is better than the 50s version. Or in some cases it's like trying to compare mainstream Marvel to Ultimate Marvel...common threads, but completely different audience, so it has a different tone, etc. I think it's more subjective when a show is set in a real place that isn't Japan, though.

    Yeah, all your real name really tells people is your physical gender...and not even that sometimes. Easier to just pick an internet alias. Different mode of communication, different set of circumstances, etc.

    Do you use a wireless mouse normally? I've always gone with wired compact ones since I got a laptop...I'm not even sure we have any old ones anymore. I can't even remember 2002, haha.
    I can't see that ever happening, seeing as how these shows are Japanese. Unless you count those cartoons inspired by anime like Korra and whatnot. But then, I'm not sure those were even dubbed into Japanese...

    Sounds...chaotic. /shot
    Assuming it was free (I don't think it is) I don't think I'd have the courage to use my real name on a forum...I keep most personal information like that to myself out of habit, aha.

    Pokedex order. I'm actually a couple of days behind, but my mouse crapped out on Monday and it's impossible to do anything with a touchpad...
    Eh, in some cases I think the dub adds more personality to a show - I'd never watch Hellsing subbed, for example. I've reached a point where I'm comfortable with either...although some dub voice actors will put me off a show entirely, so I check the cast first, aha.

    I don't think that'd happen unless you changed your username constantly! I think here people swap stuff like that around pretty frequently. Personally, I only get confused as to who is whom after username change threads; I have to re-learn who everyone is. xD
    It's difficult to stop messing with this stuff when you start, though. I keep getting urges to change things up, and I'm doing a daily Pokemon theme at the moment...until I get bored, anyway.
    I tend to watch shows in either dubbed or subbed and not both, so if I watch it again I'll probably go subbed again. It's jarring watching both versions of a show. Aha, I see. I've watched a lot of anime in the last few years, although not much has really captivated me either. /overly critical

    Mayyyybe. It'd give you something different to do for a while, if nothing else~
    Well, with a good ending it would have been an 8; without one it was a 7. If I watch it a second time (maybe dubbed, or if they announce a second season) I might alter it. But these 12-episode incomplete shows usually merit much lower scores from me because I can never get invested in them. NGNL just made me laugh quite a bit...but not quite enough to drown out that irritating, currently unresolved trail off.

    Beware; once you start playing with themes, you might not be able to stop, aha. I might play with mine a bit in a month or so if I find some nice backgrounds...
    7 is a pretty good score from me. Especially for an incomplete anime. The score would have been higher if they'd have given it a proper conclusion...stuff that fizzles out just as it's getting good really dampens the experience, in my opinion.

    Indeed, Suite Precure is adorable <3
    They have some on Pokemon Center's website. They have other secret base style ones, too.
    I do it by drinking coffee and energy drinks. XD;

    Court?! I hope it's nothing too bad..
    It's a nice name!

    I'm doing okay, up like five hours earlier than normal for a work shift. Feels weird.

    How're you doing?
    Hahahaha, I knew who you were. I remember you talking about how you liked Keira as a name. Plus I cheated and looked at the profile. xp
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