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  • I don't use kik regularly; I use iMessage mostly for texting. I could opt to download kik if you use it!
    Edit: scratch that I downloaded kik, here's my username: empressofjapan

    Hope to talk soon! x
    Haha, thanks! I've been a mod since February now I'm pretty sure? It's definitely been quite a few months now.
    I've been drinking since I was 18, but if I wanted to go into a bar legally now I could. Is there anyway to keep in touch off of PC?
    I'm 21 and happy belated birthday as well! I loved all our old convos to be honest. We should catch up soon because a lot has changed since we last talked.
    That's old! Well I attempted online classes as you know from a while ago when I told you in visitor messages, but I didn't like how they taught the course. Wasn't for me you know? My life has been a mess for a while now, but I hope I'll get where I want eventually.
    Yeah, bankruptcy and such, it really sucked lol.

    I plan to major in Computing Science, actually. I for some reason find sitting in front of a computer all day relaxing.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    It's been absolutely nuts. I've been looking for a job since I lost mine back in April when Target pulled out of Canada, I've finished my first year of College, and I've been sticking my nose back in Rom Hacking in the past couple of months. I'm still on that about looking for a job, but it hasn't been going too well, it's been three months tomorrow that I haven't worked :( I definitely do not mind all the spare time though! :D
    Ohey there. Long time no see!
    Similar. :P Graduated uni, got and quit two jobs in a row and now gone freelance. It's good to be sort of back here though, even if it's just flying visits.
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