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  • Initially, I thought of joining a team. Since there aren't any open teams at the moment to join, I could create a team, but my main concern is the quality of my roleplaying going down. For just the next two weeks, I will be busy studying for exams. If I roleplay more than three characters at once in the same roleplay during that period of time, I feel like trying to focus on multiple things at once would take a toll on me. If it's absolutely necessary, I could still roleplay four characters in the same roleplay although the quality might suck for a couple weeks. I have more time during my summer break to focus on roleplaying.
    I was originally planning on having a me + 3 NPC team, but you can switch one of their spots, sure!
    It might be a bit before I get an application up, its the end of th school year.
    Yo m8 do you have Skype? I can add you to the dust chat so you can discuss with others much easier :D
    I think the post is ready, unless you want to add anything. Can you go ahead and post it?
    Sure. Where they are right now shouldn't be an issue though. If somewhere else is more convenient for you then I can just do a little timeskip and put him where you need.
    I'm going to write it as if it were you writing it, since that would make more sense.

    "One, I need for you to stay right there because if you move one more step I'll shoot you dead and I don't want to get blood on my uniform, I just got this dry-cleaned!" The Departer spoke with a smile and an upbeat tone as if they were best buds. "Does this make me look fat? I think it's a bit too tight... Reckon you'd go out on a date with me looking like this?" He lowered his weapon, but the other two raised theirs in unison, and tugged at the abdominal region of his shirt with both hands.
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