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  • He would laugh. He'd then said "You wish I was a girl," does grinding motions aka sexually suggestive hip moving motions. "Unless you swing that way, which yeah, man, I'll make out with you no sweat." Gives him a sh-t-eating grin. "But I'd had to ask my girlfriend here. She gets a bit jealous if I don't tell her, gives her a chance to join in!"

    If you give me the actual line, I can type up a proper response if you want.
    Those are great questions, the first one I've answered in my latest OOC post, check it out. Yes, there is a department that deals with things like police in the real world do. It's just called the Department and its officers are called Departers. If anyone did see it, it's nothing they're not used to and would've just reported it to the Department. There doesn't have to be a trigger, no. Magic happens when its called upon, when its needed. Yes, magic can be draining especially for the RPers characters as they've never used magic in their life.
    Lol, the walls are glass, so pretty much Check's priorities are redundant. So technically, moved a body for pretty much no reason.
    I'm not saying he can't speak fluently Onzorian, he can, that's okay. Regardless of if he speaks it fluently or not, as a native speaker of a language sometimes you can when someone isn't a native speaker. By the word choices they use, the sentence structure, grammar, etc. Language evolves as well, certain words go out of style and new words come in, phrases, the whole nine yards. Onzor and Kalbion have been at war for ten years so naturally some of the language is going to change.

    Perhaps, "very noticeable" was the wrong words to use but it's going to most likely be detected then reported... Because this is a time of war and people are on are high-alert. If not that then his appearance is most likely going to give it away. I.e If the United States of America is at war with Japan, and some white guy is going around Japan speaking fluent Japanese... Do you think it matters that he's speaking fluent Japanese? They're going to notice his race, mannerisms, clothing.
    Great question(s), the only thing is that Onzorians don't use paper money anymore, they use the fingerprint, voice command, and/or eye recognition software. Definitely didn't think to mention that. He could definitely explore the city if that's what you want and mug someone for supplies, I guess. Just remember for every action there's a reaction, and that can be a good or bad thing. If you're going to do the explore the city route, please, have that take a whole post or wait until the other RPers have had time to post a first post so they have time to react and the timelines match up.

    It would be awfully suspicious if he didn't speak Onzorian and it would probably be very noticeable that he isn't a native speaker.
    I just read your post and I think it's perfectly acceptable, excellent job!

    Ahaha, I was really hoping that someone tell Claire to shut up, I'm glad Check did! Made me smile.
    Thanks, for notifying me! I just posted in the thread, check it out! Also, I think everyone only did a paragraph because I did and I was being lazy. Expanding on details is never a bad thing, I'm glad that you put forth the effort!
    Oh okay :p yeah I can do that, no problem. I'll edit that in real quickly. I'll just have the enemies attack and the old man telling the group to counter attack in smaller groups.
    I don't quite understand what you are saying lol :/ are you asking if I can control the guards and whatnot so you can react?

    Okay, so I've decided it's time for your character to debut. I hope you don't mind, but your character will debut alongside GDeer and Rayzen's characters, cus it'll be easier to meet up with the main group. The details are in the OOC thread, so let me know if you have questions as I'm sure it may get confusing.
    In case you didn't see the skype message or the TP, I'm pretty sure all that's left is any changes or additions you want to make before we can post the JP.
    Are you too busy to do the JP or have you been waiting for me to contact you on skype or something?
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