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  • That's kind of a relief. XD I'd like to get a proper diagnosis and not have to self-diagnose myself. It's sort of goes against what I believe in. :c The problem I think too is that I don't want to lose my autism diagnosis. I'm so used to seeing myself as autistic that if I was to lose it... I might feel as if my entire life was an even bigger lie. I've been questioning whether I could have autism or dyspraxia, but I really just want to keep telling myself I have both (By the way, I have autism professionally diagnosed since age twelve just not dyspraxia). I did post this in my blog. It goes more into detail of why I feel that I have Dyspraxia. I could go into more than just that alone, but I lost track of the point I was trying to get across. ><
    Wait, so you CAN have both Autism and Dyspraxia? Sorry. I just suspect I have Dyspraxia. I can't get a proper diagnosis unless I go through SSI again... or something like that. Bottom line is, it could hinder the SSI if I get a diagnosis of it. :c The more I learn about it for story and research purposes, the more I discover those little things about it that I relate to both now and as a child growing up. The weird part though, is that I never struggled with tying my shoes, zippers/buttons buckles, riding a bike (at least until my almost fatal-helmet-saved-my-life bike accident anyway but finding that a little irrelevant to my possible Dyspraxia diagnosis) or potty training. Yet, I have a lot of issues with gripping pencils. Sometimes, I grip so hard that I also add too much force on writing.

    Anyway, I won't bore you with all of my needless details of how I think I have it or not though. Sorry! It just makes me a little relieved knowing that both can be diagnosed at the same time. I read that they actually can't be, but I shouldn't believe what I read since everything can occur with anything nowadays anyway.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Yes there is o.o It's really good xD You should read it :3 I think it's better than the anime.
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