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  • Yo, no problem at all! And yes, I'll still be joining I've got no reason not to x)
    Thanks for the concern, I'm looking forward to get into the RP!
    Ah okay, that's reassuring. You did a great job with the opening post so I really want to join! ^^

    LOL that's still a lot of physical work no matter what anyone says. However, in no way, shape or form would that make him as strong as he is now. I still think it has something to do with his hair falling out but I just don't know how. Yeah, I'm almost at the point of going into the spoilers. xp

    Also, I feel like Saitama just felt bad for the final bad guy because of all the work he did just to get to Earth. Then he loses in like a 30 minute fight. haha
    Awesome! I will try to join tomorrow if I have time, but in actuality if I want to make a good app. I probably won't join until Thursday night because I have 4 tests this week and will be super bsuy for the majority of the week. haha

    Ah yes, I just want to freakin' know how he is so powerful. There he to be a cause that's not natural to how he became so strong. Like no one comes even close to his level, it's insane. Except for the last fight they would only last like 5 seconds. haha
    Gah, same here but I'll probably go ahead and read the manga. It's far along though that I feel like it won't be long that we'll have to wait. That's what I did for Air Gear, I liked it so much that I read all of the manga and loved it just as much. Like I just gotta know what happens next, and that' what I'll probably do for Noragami and OPM haha.

    I jsut wanna see someone on the same level as Saitama. xD
    Ah okay, yeah I'll keep a look out and if I miss it just let me know and I'll sign up ASAP. :)

    I've watched the majority of it, but some of the fillers are just so dumb and dry that I haven't seen it. Plus, there are just so many different anime to watch that I don't want to waste my time watching filler. The show has some of the best fights I have ever seen tho which is fantastic! Yeah, I'm sure it will especially since we only got 12 episodes. Also, I feel like the show ended wit ha couple of cliffhangers as well, like there are sooo many characters we still don't know about! xD
    Aw thank you so much, I think I will make an app. for it on Sunday or maybe even tomorrow morning if I have time. However, I will be super busy in the afternoon so I won't be able to do it then.

    Yeah, that's true. It still amazes me how shows like One Piece can still stay up. There are just so many episodes in that anime now, like thee are some amazing parts to the anime but compared to how many dry sections the anime has it just surprises me. One of my favorite anime of all time, Air Gear doesn't have a season 2 because of this. Ugh, I hope this is not the case with OPM and I don't think it will be.
    Ah, okay. Well I'm really busy next week and won't be able to get on here much until Thursday night but I'll probably join one the week after. It will be my first one on here so I'll be a newb but I'm excited for it!! ^^

    Ah yeah, that sucks. You think there would be more excitement on how well the anime did. xp
    Oooh, what RP? I've been thinking of getting into an RP for some time. I thought of getting into Venice RP a couple of week s ago but was just too busy and RP seems really fun but a lot of work. And yes I really enjoyed OPM, I'm tying to catch up with the manga as well. The manga is fairly far along so I suspect and hope we'll see a nee season soon, hopefully later on this year haha.
    Yeah, same here. Today is one of my easier days but I'm going to put in a few good hours of studying tonight to be prepped for later in the week. The weather has been SO warm for February here though, I just want to go outside and hang out with friends all day. xp
    Oh yeah, that's great. I'm doing well too, just working on some homework before I head off to bed. Tomorrow's going to be a long day but oh well. haha

    Is ivysaur your favorite Pokemon? :p
    Snooping through the OOC threads I saw this in your Shifting Sands SU

    And for a second I had the amazing mental image of a Kecleon having a satchel as big as a Kecleon to drag around, haha
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