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King Elizabello
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  • Very true. And it's that kind of thing that gets to me these days. So many of the 'flourishing' youtube channels suddenly being backed by studios and sponsors who cram all kinds of stupid marketing and saying crap like 'this video was made possible by Patreon.'
    I can understand why people would use such services but it just gets to me when I see nearly every video in my recommendations or subscribed feed comes with a handful of product placement and stuff.
    I dunno, I guess for me it's in the same group that says video game developing is expensive. Being a somewhat programmer I have to ask; how is it so expensive when coding can be done with a wide variety of inexpensive programs?
    I'd love to see games being made with open source software. That'd really stick it to the industry.
    Cools. :) Yeah, I never much liked that guy. I don't understand how he's so popular either.
    Thank-you very much!

    And oh goodness, no. xD If you mean my profile photo, no, it's a character called Hyde from ITV's 2015 version of Jekyll & Hyde, portrayed by Tom Bateman.
    Yaaa poor Pikachu, after a while he needed a rest XD
    I'll change my theme for Pikachu soon tho.
    Well if you inviting me to the Elizabello club, I'm inviting you to Elec's club :P
    hi! Oh goodness no hahaha. It means "I want to protect you". It's actually the chorus to this song here:

    Or did you mean a Warriors series related topic in VG? I've been planning to make a mega thread dedicated for that, like some sort of Club where we and fellow Warriors series fans can talk, and I could also share some Koei-Tecmo related news and media too.
    Not in any order:

    Zhao Yun
    Lu Bu
    Lu Lingqi
    Zhang Liao
    Zhou Tai

    I'll put up some in the "Rate the BGM" thread when I'm a little more serious. I simply love trolling that thread by intentionally sharing obviously bad BGMs :)))
    Haha I'm doing pretty good thanks, just need to get some studying done soon. How about yourself?
    OMG, we're definitely the opposite of Project Pokemon then lol, everyone's so nice here :)
    I've only been here a month longer than you! I think it's a great place, my favorite place on the internet.
    Lol I have already been cured for my love sickness long ago :p
    And same to you! How do you like PC?
    Ehe, kinda... We'll call it sick :P
    Do you now? Is it Arylett Charnoa by any chance? I'm the only true Noa you know >:)
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