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  • I've been alright. I mean, I don't really frequent this site nearly as much as I used to, mostly due to forgetfulness, but that's just sort of a thing.

    Although rereading the messages from old me feels kinda odd since it almost sounds like I barely changed much at all since then.
    Woah it's been quite a few years! I'm doing alright, how about you? Thank you so much! Love the purple on your profile!
    About BDSP, I love the design and graphics.
    I think ILCA (the company that developed the game) made a great job.??????
    True true, I tend to type A LOT. Oops! I'm such a chatterbox online XD Total opposite in real life haha.

    Ohhhh nice, yeah I REALLY love Shiny Ghastly!!! Gengar is my fav Ghost type :3 And oh nice, yeah I've done some soft resetting for a nature I wanted in a Legendary Pokemon XD But then... I learned about Mints XD

    Well, that's lovely!! I love all these Pokemon Communities and people I'm meeting! I'm having such a fun time, I know I will definitely not die down anytime soon either XD

    Legends: Arceus is going to be so so so so awesome.
    Someone on Reddit was talking about wanting Legends: Arceus in JOHTO. I'd LOVE that one!
    i am! playing and shiny hunting! just got my shiny buneary this past saturday. :) are you playing and enjoying as well?
    Oh, I'm sorry for your house =/
    I didn't play Sw/Sh, but I'm thinking about buying BDSP.
    I just wished BDSP had more content, like a pokedex at least until Gen 6, Mega evolutions and Battle frontier.
    Let me know if you have some more time to breed some eevee ! I am trying to get rid of the love ball, I dont know if using my male Umbreon with ditto could do that ! I need two more of them for my espeon and leafon so :d !!
    I was surprised too!!! Are these forums dead? Or just shy people? :P
    Awww I usually like conversations/PMs too one-on-one with just one person!! I'm not good in groups, I much prefer a message/conversation/DM whatever you want to name it!! :)
    And omgg samee, my memory is bust! I have short term memory too, oof! hahaha.

    WOW! Good luck with your goals, I'm really hoping the best for you <3 That seems soooo hard, but I know you'll do it!!
    I honestly need to learn what soft resetting is, oop. I'm suuuuuch a newbie! And shiny hunting! I want to do this for the first time!
    I may just shiny hunt for a GASTLY!!! My fav pokemon being Gengar (Fav type is Ghost <3)

    Omg Feebas! Milotic is so preeeeeettyyyy! You've got to tell me how that goes ^-^

    I'm on Discord and actually in a lot of pokemon servers now xD I'm reeeeeally into Pokemon right now and I'd absolutely love to find me plenty of helpful guides to get me from noob to pro!

    This Pokemon Journey is going to be reeeeeally exciting for me! I really hope the whole pokemon community/all games don't die down anytime soon :D

    Also, I'm excited for Legends: Arceus :)

    Good to meet you by the way, thanks for chatting with me :) Sorry for the long responses, I'm baaaaad at checking over here!!! Easier for me on Discord XD haha!
    I appreciate you responding to my post, after a quite a couple dozens of views on my post, it's nice to see someone and with such a warm welcome too, thanks! :)

    I'm definitely in it for the long haul I'm sure, so I'm excited to be (back) with Pokemon again! So much to do and learn!

    oooo how far am I on BDiamond you say? :) I am right before entering Pokemon League for the first time!! :D
    My Roselia is almost around level 45 now, trying to get it to 50 for Petal Dance before I evolve it to Roserade!!! Then of course grind it to 60+
    All my other team members are in their 60s right now ^-^ Infernape, Alakazam, Gyardos, Luxray, and Lucario. And of course, Roserade!
    We'll see if this team does the job or not ^_^

    How about you? What have you been up to as of late in the pokemon world? :3

    And Happy Thanksgivinggggg :D
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